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Main WECC Pages

Front Page - Welcome to West End CC!
About us - A brief overview of West End Cricket Club
This Season - The current year in hand
Members pages - A bit about each of us
The Tour page - The first ten years
The Archives index - Repository listing
Photo Gallery index - Screen grabs and photographs
Area Map - Where to find us, if you want
West End Map - Where we can be found in West End Village
Media Page - A few little audio and video items
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WECC history - Where we came from
West End Village - Part ONE - Origins to the 1960's
West End Village - part TWO - Up to date
West End - Brentmoor Road - Site of our original ground
West End - The High Street - How it used to be
Chobham village - West End spread from here
Main Pages Local & WECC Season by Season Archived Seasons Odds

SEASON BY SEASON (1999 onwards)

Season 2004
Season 2004 overview - See how the season pans out
Season 2003
Season 2003 overview - The year of the new pitch
Fixture List 2003 - for individual match reports
May 4th Pitch Opening Day report - The day it all came together-ish
May 4th Photo - Captain's XI - One side of the club
May 4th Photo - President's XI - The other side of the club
Tour 2003 Photo Gallery - Yet another jaunt to Cornwall
Season 2002
Season 2002 overview - This is how we fared
New pitch report - The new wickets were constructed in 2002
Results page ONE - April/May
Results page TWO - June, including the tour
Results page THREE - July
Results page FOUR - August
Results page FIVE - September
Tour Report - Who, what, why, where, when and who with
Tour 2002 Photo Gallery - Evidence indeed
Season 2001
Season 2001 overview - And what we did about it
Results page ONE - May
Results page TWO - June
Results page THREE - July
Results page FOUR - August/September
Tour 2001 Photo Page - How do we get away with it?
AGM Report - January 2001's blow-by-blow account
Committee Report - How we fared during the previous 12 months
Season 2000
Season 2000 overview - Millennium year and it shows
Results page ONE - Tour results from the Isle Of Wight
Results page TWO - May
Results page THREE - June
Results page FOUR - July
Results page FIVE - August
Results page SIX - September
Tour 2000 Photo Page - They'll never have us back
Awards Evening 2000 Photo Page - A jolly time was had by all
Averages for 2000 - This has got to be a laugh
Directive on helmets 2000 - Serious issues for young players
Complete 2000 Cricket Laws 2000 (PDF file)
Season 1999
Season 1999 overview - To boldly go where all have already been
Results page ONE - April 25th to May 30th
Results page TWO - June
Results page THREE - July 3rd to August 8th
Results page FOUR - August 15th to September 19th
Committee Report - How we felt the year went
Tour 1999 Photo Page - They're different pictures, honest
Awards Evening 1999 Photo Page - See how we let our hair down
Squad photograph - It makes us look quite nice
Main Pages Local & WECC Season by Season Archived Seasons Odds

Archived season pages (Prior to 1999)

1998 - Season overview - Tim Lamb's phenomenally successful year
1998 - Photo Gallery - A huge gallery of three piccies
1997 - Season overview - Cap'n Jay Stephen's superb swansong
1996 - Season overview - Not at all a bad year, at all
1995 - Season overview - A good year for the tourists
1994 - Season overview - A re-think , plus a second tour
1994 - Photo Gallery - The Somerset tour - in pictures
1993 - Season overview - Year of the first tour - Isle Of Wight
1993 - Photo Gallery - The first ever tour - in pictures
1992 - Season overview - Ideas for the future emerge
1991 - Season overview - Persistence pays off with good results
1990 - Season overview - The re-jigged side finds the going tough
1989 - Season overview - The end of an era for some
1988 - Season overview - Consolidation of our new success
1987 - Season overview - The year the club really got going again
1980 - Season overview - Actually, all we have (so far)
Main Pages Local & WECC Season by Season Archived Seasons Odds

Odds & Ends

Club Rules - Link to a downloadable document
The Committee - Who we are
Single Wicket Rules - Play the game when the opposition don't show
Link to current Cricket Laws - As found on the Lords cricket website
What's New - Website overhaul history
Linkages - The, er, um, links page
SiteMenu - For when you get lost - as we are often told to
Main Pages Local & WECC Season by Season Archived Seasons Odds

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