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Results 2001
3: July - nights now drawing in

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v. Old Woking c.c.     1st July 2001

v. Royal Ascot III C.C.     8th July 2001

v. Tilford C.C.     15th July 2001
v. Brookwood C.C.     22th July 2001
v. Pirbright C.C.     29th August 2001

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. Old Woking C.C.

1st July 2001


Old Woking: 236-6

T. Collin  100* D. Lamb  2-34
G. Ivey  40 J. Walliker  2-44
M. Tilley  40* C. Weston 1-32

West End: 157-7

J. Walliker  61  Ivy  2-13
K. Cheeseman  20 Jurczenko  2-27
J. Stephens  15 Tilley  2-42

Match Drawn

season 2001

     This time, the "official" game against Old Woking (the previous meeting was through the C.C.C.) on a blazing hot day with only a few clouds for respite. It showed as all bowlers struggled to find any consistency. The innings wore relentlessly on and proved fatal when we dropped young T. Collin early on in his innings, eventually going on to make his maiden Century.

t-walliker.jpg (1081 bytes)     With nothing to lose West End went out to try for the runs, a good strategy as playing for a draw is like waving a red rag to a bull here. Jay Walliker (left) scored two massive sixes in his 61 and was ably supported by Howard Turner, Jay Stephens and Kev Cheeseman. When Big Jay was out however, the pace slowed as the home side re-applied pressure with some tricky bowling for us to navigate. Not-outs Dave Lamb (13*) and Adrian Barrett (0*) steered us through to a respectable draw.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. Royal Ascot III

8th July 2001


Royal Ascot: 92-all out

Dignby  27 M. Hills  3-28
Mohammad  23 K. Cheeseman  2-3
Moore  15 H. Turner  2-38

West End: 95-1

M. Balkwill  53* Mohammad  1-26
S. Cave  25* -
A. Lamberth  2 -

West End win by 256 runs

season 2001

     A Club Cricket Conference game on a drying pitch after some serious rain in the previous few days. West End took to the field in overcast conditions, Mike Hills bowling well and quick from his first ball. Opener Dignby hit with purpose but Ben Pudney closed his account with a great catch just inside the rope. Apart from a few late flourishes Royal Ascot finished on 92 with just under an hour to go.

t-balkwill.jpg (1150 bytes)     A rain shower part-way through didn't help proceedings making the ground a touch more slippery and the bounce slightly uneven. Adrian Lamberth once again opened WECC's innings with Captain Matt Balkwill (left) and became the only casualty. Matt and new partner Steve Cave batted cautiously beating the bad balls when the bounce didn't beat them. Later, Steve magnanimously left the strike to Matt whose winning boundary shot also gave him his half-century.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. TILFORD C.C.

15th July 2001


West End: 228-9 Dec.

M. Hills  86 Walewski  3-39
A. Lamberth  42 Coombes  3-64
M. Balkwill  20 Vaughan  2-35

Tilford: 191-all out

M. Smith  61 (ret) C. Weston  4-25
J. Crawte  28 Hills  3-53
T. Cartwright  27 Turner  2-46

West End win by 37 runs

season 2001

t-hills.jpg (1086 bytes)     The view across Tilford Green is one of the most painted scenes in the South of England and rightly so. However you need plenty of runs with short boundaries easy to come by down the hill toward the river. WECC went in first, scoring a decent run-rate but losing wickets regularly, reaching 58-5by the 16th over. Now we looked toward all-rounder Mike Hills (above) to consolidate our position. He didn't disappoint, scoring his maiden 50 and putting on 79 with Adie Lamberth. His wicket eventually fell on 86, 70 of which came from boundaries.

t-weston.jpg (1334 bytes)     Despite Howard Turner removing Grogut early on Tilford kept up the run-rate, wickets falling but infrequently. No.3 Smith survived more excellent bowling from Turner but once his eye was firmly in started to let loose. Sadly, he retired hurt on 61 unable to continue even with a runner. But the runs kept coming and roughly at the required rate. Mike Hills and Craig Weston (above) were now bowling and kept at it until Tilford's batsmen started faltering and falling, Hills taking three wickets. Vaughan belted the ball hard past bowler Weston but Turner got to it, it then bounced out but a dive saw him clasp the ball within a whisker of the ground. Tilford battled on but their last wicket was claimed by Craig Weston on the second ball of the very last over to give us a memorable win.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. BROOKWOOD C.C.

22nd July 2001


West End: 132-7

M. Hills  50 Salmon  3-20
K. Cheeseman  27 Longley  2-37
J. Stephens  14 Wills  2-41

Brookwood: 125-9

Salmon  38 H. Turner  4-39
Willis 20 A. Barrett  3-31
Houston  12 M. Hills  1-19

Match Drawn

season 2001

     On this overcast day, WECC batted first. The damp ground contributed to some erratic bounce, sometimes the ball would hold up, at others it would skid through. Consequentally, both Matt Balkwill and Jay Stephens found it difficult to get the ball away, the runs only starting to flow with Kev Cheeseman and Mike Hills at the crease. Hills went on to make exactly fifty, his second in two weeks. Then a long shower came across, slowing the runs with it. Did West End score enough?

     Mike Hills and Howard Turner bowled quite economically, Turner cleverly removing three of Brookwoods' top order. First Willis, then Salmon put up scoring resistance, giving cause for concern. Salmon was eventually caught off Barrett. As at Tilford, any of four outcomes was possible at the start of the final over: win for either side, a tie or a draw. Longley appeared to hit the final delivery of the day onto his foot, which bounced up to be caught in the slips who all went up for the appeal. Did it bounce off his foot? It was getting difficult to see, the Umpire of course must give the benefit to the batsman. The result a draw, but a very satisfying draw at that.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. PIRBRIGHT C.C.

29th July 2001


West End: 146-8

J. Walliker  63 Millar  3-33
M. Balkwill  41 Ward  2-21
B. Pudney  12 Winkley  2-28

Pirbright: 146-8

Smith  40 A. Barrett  4-35
Oakley  23 H. Turner  2-17
Catlyn  22 M. Hills  2-43

* * * Match tied * * *

season 2001

     Despite the "flaming" weather, funfair music and Fire Tenders' sirens, Captain Matt Balkwill won the toss and elected to bat. Tight bowling from Smith kept the runs down and removed Howard Turner for 4 in the third over. Kinsella was tighter still: 12 off 8 with 6 maidens. Matt was struggling but Big Jay Walliker's powerful hitting once again came to the fore, the patnership with Matt worth 98. After Walliker was stumped on 63, then Balkwill was caught having made a gritty 41. Only 11 more runs were added making a final tally of 146.

     Hills and Turner bowled well, the latter taking the first Pirbright scalp and Hills the next. However, the pace kept going as they set about Craig Weston. At the other end Barrett kept a tight reign on things picking up 3 crucial wickets when it mattered, one a quite brilliant catch by Weston to dismiss Vernoum. Smith and Oakley looked like getting the runs until Barrett bowled Oakley in the final over. Tired with the heat, a catch went begging deprived a five-wicket haul for Barrett. Just one single was scraped through for a tie with all honours even. A fine match for all concerned.     Top of page

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