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Results 2001
2: Sunny June & the dreaded Tour

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v. Valley End C.C.     3rd June 2001

v. Cove C.C.     17th June 2001

v. Mt. Hawke C.C. (tour)     24th June 2001

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. VALLEY END C.C.

3rd June 2001


Valley End: 214-3

A. Coe  60 Cheeseman  2-63
I. Messenger  59 Barrett  1-40
P. Andrews  37* -

West End: 92-6

B. Pudney  18 Cable  3-19
A. Barrett  15* Messenger  1-6
J. Stephens  9 Gregory  1-9

Match Drawn

Season 2001

     Bearing in mind our showing so far this year we entered this local derby with no illusions. Anyway, as Richie Benaud would say they "beshed it errand the perhk eh bet". Any ball slightly off-line was dashed away without mercy, the amount of bat on ball as borne out with only 13 extras to show in their rather large total.

     Undeterred, Matt Balkwill and Jay Stephens opened their accounts with an eye to chasing. It was not to be however and after Mike Hills fell out went the order to "shut up shop" and go for the draw. Ben Pudney and Adrian Barrett held their ends up well (shut up, Dazza) to earn the WECC the first (and important) "non-loss" of the season, so to speak.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. COVE C.C.

17th June 2001


Cove: 199-8 dec

N. Randall  72 Barrett  3-33
A. Simons  40 Turner  3-51
D. Smith  23 Walliker  1-40

West End: 80-all out

J. Walliker  18 D.Smith  4-17
M. Balkwill  15 D.White  2-14
T. Lamb  11 A.Simons  1-2

Cove win by 119 runs

season 2001

     The Old Paulines game was cancelled so it was Cove the following week, another sizeable club with plenty of good players. The home side batted first, getting off to a cracking start, not helped by N. Randall being dropped early on. Howard Turner and Adrian Barrett came on to bowl and tied down proceedings somewhat taking three wickets apiece. Cove crept ever forward to their total which we managed to keep (psychologically anyway) under 200.

     Unfortunately, when it came to our innings the batting form of previous games continued, those who got going failed to capitalise and wickets falling at regular intervals seemingly without any. In the first six games of the season only three scores registered 20 or over - and two of these were accredited to the on-form Jay Walliker.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. MT. HAWKE & PORTHTOWAN

24th June 2001


West End: 71-all out

H. Turner  18 S.Cloke  4-9
A. Lamberth  17 J.Nealhall  2-0
D. Perry  15 B. Bryant  2-10

West End: 74-3

A. Johnson  36 Cheeseman  1-1
W. Nealhall  14 Lewis  1-19
D. Bryant  12 Barrett  1-23

Mt. Hawke win by 7 wkts

season 2001

     Sadly, the only game to go ahead on tour (St. Mawgan cancelled out) where we experienced some of the best weather in Cornwall ever. This year we could have hoped to reverse our fortunes with the willow. Not so: batting first seemed only to bring the pressure to score back with a vengeance in the face of nagging bowling from Mt. Hawke's opening pair.

     In answer to that the home team played their shots, finding the boundary easier to reach 50 in only the twelfth over. Plenty of time was left for a 12-over Beer Match. Perhaps having the pressure off enabled us (batting second) to measure the run-rate to a "t" and win a game. See, we can do it.

     Highlight: Dazza, our last man in who stood perfectly still as the left-arm over-the-wicket bowler delivered the ball, and stayed completely motionless as the ball ricocheted off his foot. In his own words, he was "waiting for the, the, er, umm, the man... er, THAT bloke (furious pointing to almost mid-off) over THERE to bowl it!! And he didn't, it was 'IM!" At least the umpire, consumed with giggling, failed to give him out leg-before.      Top of page

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