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Season 2000
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2000: Season 2000 Averages 2000 Results: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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FIXTURES 2000 (* = evening)

April 29 TOUR - Godshill c.c. Away 2.00
April 30 TOUR - Ryde c.c. Away 2.00
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May 01 TOUR - Ventnor c.c. Away 2.00
May 07 Charing Cross Away 2.00
May 14 Elthorne Home 2.00
May 21 Chertsey Rec. Home 2.00
May 25 Valley End* Away 6.00
May 28 Weybourne Home 2.00
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June 01 Valley End* Away 6.00
June 04 Weybourne Away 2.30
June 11 Old Paulines 2nd Away 2.00
June 15 Valley End* Away 6.00 
June 18 Nightingales Home 2.00
June 25 Pearson Television Away 2.30
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July 02 Old Woking 1st Away 2.00
July 06 Valley End* Away 6.00
July 08 President's Day (Sat) Home 1.00
July 16 Tilford 2nd XI Away 2.30
July 23 Brookwood Away 2.30
July 30 Pirbright Home 2.30
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Aug 06 Weybourne Away 2.30
Aug 13 St. Johns Away 2.30
Aug 20 Windlesham Home 2.00
Aug 27 Bisley Away 2.00
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Sept 03 Chobham 2nd XI Away 1.30
Sept 10 Bagshot 2nd XI Home 1.30
Sept 17 Addlestone 2nd XI Home 1.00

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   That was 2000! The year of Social events started off with the quiznight at Bisley Pavilion. Our Chairman Howard and Social Secretary Di Lamb compered the Century of Questions and raised a tidy sum for the pitch fund. As for thr cricket, that kicked off with the Isle Of Wight tour and went well, as per The 2000 tourlogousual (do we ever have a bad one?). The weather bit hard and we lost the Saturday game completely. In the last two games we were stuffed by stronger sides, indeed Ventnor fielded Hampshire's 1999 Young player of the year against us! The weather simply got better and better and by Tuesday we were moved to play Lawn Bowls on the sea-front, no less!

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The following week saw business as usual against Charing Cross. Chertsey Rec took their game right to the wire by sneaking a win on the last ball of the match. Weybourne were comfortably beaten in both games but never underestimate them - they've trounced US in the past. Check out the results for more details, as well as the final averages.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The main Valley End fixture would have been the fifth of the year but had to be cancelled due to no pitch being available. The previous four were a series of 16-over evening games and these occurred between May and July. Being not so used to the quick-chase nature of this type of cricket we lost all four but still gave a good account of ourselves. During 2001, Valley End will hopefully be holding a series of evening games against local teams, including us. If this works well and other sides are agreeable the idea is to expand it into a local evening league.

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Cover of the 2000 tour video

Tour vid 2K

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The Conference game versus Tilford seconds threw up one of those very rare events - Matt Balkwill scored his maiden Century, carrying his bat into the bargain. A worthy entry to join a very select band of Centurions from recent years. The Brookwood and Pirbright matches were disappointing, the latter especially for Tim, who needed hospital treatment after edging one into his forehead which obviously put the dampers on proceedings. The following Saturday saw Jay Stephens wedding to Sally. A lovely "do" it was, then came the job of dragging eleven battered souls out against Weybourne the following day!!! Tim had made a good recovery, even turning out for us this game and, with new helmet, scored a battling half-century.

tiniball.gif (195 bytes)   The latter half of the season improved on average. We had some good wins against St. Johns, Bisley, Windlesham and especially of note, Chobham. In this time game we bowled 49 overs at them, then we scored the required runs with a fair few overs to spare. On his way to 83, Jason Walliker smashed two sixes onto the pavilion roof, smashing a fair amount of tiles in the process. Previously, at Windlesham, Jason has scored one of the fastest fiftys' seen in our club.

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tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The Racenight at the Hare (pictured) on July 29th spawned yet more useful funding toward equipment. By this time in the season we had been assured of a sum from West End Parish Council (to whom we are extremely grateful) that gives us the funds necessary for the proposed new grass wicket. Agripower has been approached to carry out the work during Autumn 2000. The new strips won't be ready until the 2002 season, when we will have a grand opening day for the first use. The Parish Council also made funds available to construct the base of two practice nets at West End. Chairman Howard Turner secured 1,200 from the Lottery Millennium fund to cover the cost of the nets themselves. We hope to have these ready for next season. The next objective will be to ensure we have enough for essential equipment for maintenance.

Details (with photos) of the Annual Awards Evening are here

Final Averages (for who came where) are here

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President Peter Lamb

Peter Lamb

tiniball.gif (195 bytes)   West End C.C. is greatly indebted to our President Peter Lamb (left) and group of loyal Vice-Presidents. They're a great bunch of people, always willing to lend a hand, support or simply offer advice. Also, many thanks go to all previous Presidents, Vice-Presidents and players without whose help and support we would not be looking forward to so positive a future today.

2000: Season 2000 Averages 2000 Results: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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