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Season 1980
Not a lot, to be sure

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tiniball.gif (953 bytes)   The section following this is the only piece of 1980 history I have unearthed so far, and even then it is incomplete. It appears to have originated from a Brookwood area photocopied newsletter/magazine and refers to an evening game on 13th May 1980. I have taken the liberty of including the whole existing text as it makes intriguing reading. The item starts at the top of the page.


tiniball.gif (953 bytes)   . . . . .or as the first fixture of the season could be called - the fixture fiasco to end all fixtures - in the Woking Review Invitation Cricket League May 13th (very ominous). 

tiniball.gif (953 bytes)   The Brookwood Cricketers assembled at various points in the hospital ostensibly for a match arranged at the Sussex Road Ground against a West End Eleven. At the duly appointed time of pitching the wickets, namely six o'clock, the cricketers arrived at Sussex Read to find no wickets, no pitch marked out, no team to play, and - where has one heard this phase before - the pavilion burned down. Not to be dismayed or discouraged, an outrider was dispatched to scour Knaphill with the sole purpose of finding wickets, pitch, and a West End Cricket Eleven.

tiniball.gif (953 bytes)   Eventually the outrider returned to report that movement had been observed in the region of the Waterers Park Sports Ground. The exodus from Sussex Road began in earnest with car after car in search of the elusive opponents. This time it was the right venue with wickets, a pitch correctly marked and a gaggle of cricket persons anxious for play. By this time Brookwood numbers had risen to more than the permitted allowed (a healthy sign) and consequently some were more than anxious to stand down. The game finally commenced some forty-five minutes late with Brookwood having the worst of the light by batting last.

tiniball.gif (953 bytes)   EPILOGUE (Every plot should have one) - The communication between league officials, home team, and visitors appeared in this instant to be sadly lacking.  One could charitably allow for delays, this being the first fixture of the season, also it is not often that a team has its pavilion burnt down (outside of Brookwood) but full marks for initiative and endeavour to the Brookwood cricketers in pursuing to a conclusion the chance to play this chosen sport.
Details for 13th May 1980 at Waterers Park, Woking
WEST END 71 V. Mayers, 3 for 6
BROOKWOOD 6 (?) G. Aberjafna 10, R. Johns 15, B. Gamage 23.


tiniball.gif (953 bytes)   The following week was a more pleasant affaiar when Brookwood played Laybourne Grange Hospital. Although all arrangements went without a hitch, an unevenly bouncing pitch was the culprit for low scores and good bowling figures as Brookwood scored just 37. Two bowlers took all their scalps, with one taking 7-10 - almost as good as our Jason Walliker on his day in the 1990's!

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