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Season 2004
The follow up to the sequel

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NET PRACTICE - Cap'n Beefy has pulled out all the stops to arrange 2 lanes of nets at the SURREY CRICKET CENTRE, George Abbot School, Guildford. Practise commences at 9.00pm sharp on the following dates in APRIL: Thursday 01st, Thursday 08th, Monday 12th, Wednesday 14th, Monday 19th, Thursday 22nd, Monday 26th, Wednesday 28th. Subs (payable each session) are 6.00. Make the most of it before the season start!

ANNUAL AWARDS DINNER - Saturday 17th April at the Red Lion in Horsell. Meet 7.30pm for 8.00pm sitting. Our "Oscars" have been much postponed but are now at the right venue! 5-course meal, 23.50. Numbers and money in soon please!
NET CONSTRUCTION - Working party needed to construct your nets on the Recreation Ground. Work commences 24th April. Please inform Cap'n Beefy of your availibity ASAP!
THE TOUR - FRIDAY 18th - TUESDAY 22nd JUNE. 120 for 4 nights B&B (bargain!), up front please! Book now, last minute changes will not happen.

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Updated again - 18th March 2004

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The rejuvenated pitch, 2003



Apr 25 Chadwick Home 2.00


May 02 Charing Cross Away 2.00
May 09 Elthorne Home 2.30
May 16 Pyrford (tbc) Home 2.30
May 22 Shamley Green Away 2.30
May 30 Tilford Away 2.00


June 06 Fairlands Away 2.30
June 13 Engelfield Green Away 2.30


June 19 to be arranged Away 2.30
June 20 Mt. Hawke Away 2.30
June 21 Perranporth Away 2.30

JUNE (cont')

June 27 North Croydon (tbc) Home 2.00


July 04 Banstead Home 2.00
July 11 Engelfield Green Home 2.30
July 28 Brookwood Away 2.00
July 25 Pirbright Away 2.30


Aug 01 Fairlands Home 2.30
Aug 08 Westfield (tbc) Away 2.00
Aug 15 Windlesham Away 2.30
Aug 22 C.C.C. Home 2.30
Aug 09 Chobham 2nd XI Away 2.00


Sep 07 Hawley Away 2.00
Sep 12 C.C.C. Home 1.00
Sep 21 Cove 2nd Home 1.00
Sep 28 C.C.C. Home 1.00

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The start of the 2003 was a new beginning for WECC, with new and enthusiastic members joining the ranks and having a good time with some good cricket. 2004 promises to build on that with gusto. Over the winter months a local company was contracted to  attend to the pitch, de-weeded and rolled into fitness, just what some of the player who will be collapsing on it will probably need! It certainly looks better than it did even before the start of last season. Fixtures are very nearly there. Charing Cross return after gamely leaving last year's date free for our pitch opening day. Shamley Green return, they were definitely up for it. As ever, we will have a few dates that defy all attempts to fill them. August 22nd used to be Bisley until their surprise folding a few years back, and the venerable Chertsey Rec. is another surprise victim to club cricket's changing circumstances.

Free fixtures will be flagged up with the legend "C.C.C." in the fixture list to the right. If you are a cricket team of no fixed abode on that date, please feel free to drop us a line.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The AGM has been and gone - you can read the summary here - and the long-awaited 2003 Annual Awards Dinner, held over from last year due to organisational difficulties, has been confirmed at the Red Lion in Horsell on April 18th, meet at 7.30 for beer before sitting down at 8.00pm. It will be an ideal occasion to get everyone together before the start of this 2004 season with awards a-plenty of a serious and not-so-serious nature!. Also in June is the Tour, probably to (groan) Cornwall again where everyone WILL have a wonderful time whether they like it or not, by order of the hotel manager who's promised to buy drinks for everyone - everyone else, that is.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   We hope to build the new colts section into a fully-fledged playing team. Essentially, we have the resources to run just the one team at the moment so we would prefer to recruit youngsters in the 14-16 age bracket. The enthusiasm is there, but our own nets on the recreation ground would be an extra shot in the arm to not only the senior members (God help us, we need it!) but younger members also. Pre-season winter nets have received a setback in that virtually every place we tried to book lanes in has been full to capacity, and then some. We may have to wait until nearly the season start at this rate! Watch this space. Email us at for more details of almost anything, except current affairs, we don't do well on that one. Subscriptions for 2004 are to remain the same, but with net fees of 6.     TO BE CONTINUED . . . . .

The Committee.

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