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Results 2000 - 4
July: Old Woking - Pirbright

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tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 02/07: Away v. Old Woking 1st (Time Game)

     This was also the Jason Stephens' Stag Weekend, as such half the usual suspects were away on that afternoon tea trip. After winning the toss, Old Woking decided to bat first and their experienced line up had plenty of staying power. Opener Vic Shipp stayed most of the course, Turner bowling him just fourteen shy of a century. Although wickets fell occasionally WECCs' bowling proved generally unpenetrative.
     In reply only two men scored double figures but we gamely struggled on to reach (almost, considering our strength that day) a respectable score. Most of the wickets were due to the batsmen playing inappropriate shots.

Old Woking  234-7 dec.

V. Shipp  88 Barrett  4-78
S. Goodchild  44 Turner  2-41
P. Matthews  33 Hills  1-49

West End  83 all out

T. Lamb  28 Prisco  4-21
H. Turner  15 Collins  3-4
J. Dick  13* Tilley  3-26
Result: OLD WOKING won by161 runs Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 06/07: Away v. Valley End (16x8-ball overs)

     Once again, Valley End batted first. West End fielded very well, it's just that VE batted even better (and harder) than usual, especially when a run-out brought young Paul Williams to the crease who went on to a near half-century. With his partner 21 was taken off Adie Barrett, who already has the award for worst over in his pocket (and anywhere else you care to mention).
     WECC required their highest score in an evening game to win and, despite losing Matt Balkwill for 0 in the first over, Tim Lamb and Jason Stephens consolidated their position against some tight bowling. Unfortunately Kingsnorth bowled Jason as WECC were getting really going and up to the required run-rate. Mike Hills offered the in-form Tim solid support who scored 8 fours and a crashing 6 on his way to 76. He was caught attempting one pull too many and with the impetus gone the tail were left to bat out in the increasingly poor light.
     N.B. When bowling, Adie Barrett was accredited as "Barripper."

Valley End  165-4

P. Williams  48 Cheeseman  2-16
I. Messenger  36 -
. Harpley  25 -

West End  115-7

T. Lamb  76 Young  3-24
J. Stephens  21 Pocock  1-13
M. Hills  14 Cable  1-16
Result: VALLEY END won by 40 runs Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 08/07: Home v. Presidents XI (Sat)

     The annual bash versus the Presidents' hand-picked mob. Considering the delay due to persistant rain we started less than an hour late. President Pete's XI were all out in the 31st over leaving the main line-up a relatively easy task, what!
     WECC's top four all made double figures, but the tail didn't wag, not even a little bit as from 105 for 3 we crumbled away to... well, have a look. The best bowling performances were from Paul Noble and Dan Eldridge who accompanied us on this years' tour to the Isle of Wight. Huh!
      N.B. Paul Noble ws listed as "Micro Pizza" when batting. In the bowling line-up, he was called "Micro Chips", ably supported by such luminaries as "Spider" and "Trickster."

Presidents' XI  115 all out

B. Powell  23 T. Lamb  2-12
M. Cliff 22 K. Cheeseman  2-17
T. Hill  21 H. Turner  1-4

West End  105 all out

M. Hills  31 P. Noble  5-31
T. Lamb  25 D. Eldridge  2-2
H. Turner  18 S. Pider(!) 1-23
Result: PRESIDENTS' XI won by 10 runs Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 16/07: Away v. Tilford 2nd XI (time game)

     Another Conference game, on a beautiful afternoon. Tilford C.C. play on the undulating village green in the middle of a triangle of roads that, for the most part, form the boundary. Cap'n Tim won the toss and decided to bat. Although Tim went for four in the third over his opening partner Matt Balkwill carried his bat, completing his maiden Ton in the last over before tea. He joins an extremely select band of Centurions from the last fifteen years. He also shared a fifth wicket stand of 80 with Jay Walliker.
     225 is a fair target and Tilford set to it admirably. Opener Elliott played on and Vaughan was run out via a deflection off Jason Walliker from a firmly hit drive. Even so, the run rate stayed within reasonable reach and it was only when Jay Stephens caught no.7 Commerford at Short Square Leg did the chase peter out. Being a time game WECC still had to dismiss the remaining batsmen to win and did with five overs to go.

West End  224-6

M. Balkwill  101* Vaughan  2-34
J. Walliker  37 McDonald  2-52
J. Stephens  28 Martyn  1-29

Tilford  172 all out

Commerford  37 H. Turner  3-59
Vaughan  28 J. Walliker 2-27
Stanbrook  25 M. Hills  2-31
Result: WEST END won by 52 runs Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 23/07: Away v. Brookwood (Time game)

     This trophy fixture is played each year, in commemoration of a past Brookwood member. Brookwood won this last year so we were out to win it back this time. The home team batted first on this rather hot day, all but Longley getting off the mark. WECC used three bowlers, Hills and Turner especially toiling hard in the heat. Seven of the wickets were bowled or LBW.
     We replied well to start with, the first three batsmen scoring 70 between them. Then past times re-visited us with a collapse similar to Old Woking, only more acute. Longley, the fifth bowler used made up for his duck by taking seven scalps for nine, four of them for naught! Brookwood retained the trophy with ease in the end. Ah, well!

Brookwood  166 all out

P. Salmon  37 H. Turner  2-61
S. Pearman  23 J. Stephens  3-41
B. Hadlow  21 M. Hills  2-61

West End  105 all out

K. Cheeseman  30 Longley  7-9
J. Stephns  29 Bennett  1-14
M. Hills  12 Shine  1-18
Result: BROOKWOOD won by 61 runs Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 30/07: Home v. Pirbright (40 overs)

     After heavy showers on the Friday and Saturday, this game was saved by switching to West End. It didn't help. Four of the five batsmen used scored substantially, the three wickets falling with the scores on 132, 207 and 233 respectively. The theme of the innings was dropped catches as chance after chance went begging, with even more mis-hits landing in open space. Not our day in the field.
     Chasing 248 is a task and a half at the best of times. Matt was out early and Tim made a slow start, reaching 13 before being felled by deflecting a rising ball into his forehead, just above his eye. Knocked for six with a nasty wound and feeling really groggy, it was a hospital job. This knocked the stuffing out of our innings and apart from a few spirited knocks, that was about it. Pirbright used all eleven bowlers, Sweetings' one over consisting of 11 deliveries. When asked if he wanted a second over, he replied "maybe next week!"

Pirbright  248-3

Connery  83 Cheeseman  1-24
Smith  59 A. Barrett  1-27
Catlyn  49 T. Lamb  1-67

West End  143 all out

H. Turner  42* Ward  3-11
A. Barrett  28 Halewood  3-17
A. Lamberth  16 Catlyn  2-18
Result: PIRBRIGHT won by 105 runs Season 2000

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