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Season 1992
The new team pull together

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PRESIDENT: Mr. J. Gaisford  COMMITTEE: Chairman Mr. G. R. Brown; Captain Paul Bates; Vice-Captain Peter Hull; Secretary Howard Turner; Treasurer Adrian Barrett 

Players - Adrian Barrett; Duncan Barrett; Paul Bates; Nicky Brown; Steve Duke; Mike Hills; Peter Hull; Adrian Lamberth; Duncan Perry; Jason Stephens; Howard Turner; Jason Walliker; John Williams



3 H C.C.C. result unknown
10 A Gordon Boys School result unknown
17 H Thorpe result unknown
23 A Isleworth Village result unknown
31 A Windlesham result unknown


7 H Gordon Boys School result unknown
14 H Windlesham result unknown
21 - C.C.C. result unknown
28 - C.C.C. result unknown


5 H Abinger 2nd XI result unknown
12 H Double Wicket result unknown
19 - C.C.C. result unknown
26 H Isleworth Village result unknown


2 A Fairlands result unknown
9 A Chertsey Rec result unknown
16 H President's Day result unknown
23 A Hamm Moor 2nd XI result unknown
30 A Ockham result unknown


6 A Lyne result unknown
13 H Cavalier Wanderers result unknown
20 H Hamm Moor 2nd XI result unknown
27 A Surrey Ovalites result unknown

tiniball.gif (953 bytes)    Despite the 'smoothing out' meeting not materialising toward the end of 1991, the 1992 A.G.M. did take place as scheduled at the Sports Pavilion in West End on January 7th. John and Gail Gaisford's influence on the club was clearly beneficial, as certain organisational processes had been set in place that would improve the club's standing. The most important of these (as far as running of the club was concerned) was the Code Of Governing Rules, our 'constitution' if you like. With embryonic ideas of re-introducing grass wickets alongside our long-serving and hard-wearing artificial strip the club needed to have a more official grounding to be taken seriously.

tiniball.gif (953 bytes)    For a start, the committee was expanded to incorporate two extra members, both proposed and seconded in the new official manner. The new 'players representatives' were Duncan Perry and Jason Walliker. There was a unanimous agreement to forge ahead with plans for a tour, an idea that had been on the backburner for sometime. Memberships and match subs were set at a reasonable 10 and 2 respectively, payable by 1st March. As an incentive to join the ranks non-members should be charged a fee of 4, and this was accepted. Other organisational niceties were also agreed upon, plus John and Gail Gaisford donated the princely sum of 200 to the club for equipment. Toward the end of the meeting, the Committee introduced the long-planned Honorary Memberships, and who the first two recipients should be had been decided on at a previous committee meeting. The names of John and Gail Gaisford were thus put forward, and the following vote was unsurprisingly unanimous.

tiniball.gif (953 bytes)    Whatever happened on the planning front, a ramping up of fundraising would be required to accommodate the serious spending projected for as yet unspecified date sometime in the next ten years or so. With a view to swelling the coffers, a Racenight was in the planning stages and set to take place on Friday 29th May, the most likely venue perhaps being our Pavilion. These popular evenings occurred sporadically in the area and were well-known for their money-spinning capabilities. This time around at least, it was abandoned in the planning stages; future years would see the successful implementation of this popular event.

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tiniball.gif (953 bytes)    Now on to the the cricketing side of things proper, and net practice started in earnest in early January 1992 at the Woking Leisure Centre. The best thing about Woking was its central location for the vast majority of players, and although two lanes were the norm, bowlers had just a three-step "run-up", which was especially limiting for the faster bowlers. On the plus side it was challenging for said bowlers to practise line and length plus indulge in the odd experiment of 'doing things' with the ball. The lack of speed available to face meant when the summer months arrived and we could move outside into the glaring sun (if we're lucky) some re-adjustment was necessary. Bowlers had to re-learn their usual run-ups and regain some rhythm and the batsmen (who sometimes found nets less than challenging) also re-learned their lines in the face of true pace bowlers, unless facing spinners, who were a rarity in WECC anyway. It could be a testing time in the early part of the season. Along with the mild dis-satisfaction of the venue, we'd also been left waiting until the last minute in 91 before dates and times were confirmed for this year. Eventually we sought out new facilities before long.

tiniball.gif (953 bytes)    New fixtures for 1992 were Abinger second XI, Cavalier Wanderers and Surrey Ovalites. Abinger is an attractive village on the Guildford-Dorking road, and a sought-out team to play who lasted a few seasons on our fixture lists. Cavalier Wanderers and Surrey Ovalites were never heard from again. Perhaps we'd given both a thrashing but more likely it was us on the receiving end. We do know about the proposed 1992 tour is that discussions took place as to possible location and format, and that it would take place from 19th to 22nd June inclusive. To anyone who'd travelled the four-hour trip down to sunny Cornwall in later years, the dates would have sounded very familiar! By the time the fixture card was published the idea had been placed on the backburner for another year. The Awards Dinner was slated for Friday 3rd October but of course, we don't have the figures for that.

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