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Results 2000 - 5
August: Weybourne - Cove

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tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 06/08: Away v. Weybourne (40 overs)

     Due to Lightwaters' player shortage we turned to the Conference and Weybourne once again. Different game this time around with WECC batting first and struggling to 29 for 5. Tim Lamb, a last-minute addition to the team after the accident last week scored a good 67 and with Adrian Barrett put on a stand of 77 for the sixth wicket. Once he was bowled by Knox however, the innings tailed off to 128 all out.
     Paines' previous two innings against us this year were both ducks. This time, the tables were turned big-time with him scoring 57 in a big stand with W. Lamport, another half-Centurion. Craig Weston with 1-16 was easily the pick of the bowlers, the others meanwhile giving away over 6.5 per over on average!

West End  128 all out

T. Lamb  67 Matcliff  4-24
D. Perry  14 R. Lamport  3-38
A. Barrett  14 W. Lamport  3-42

Weybourne  129 for 2

D. Paine  57 C. Weston  1-16
W. Lamport  51* A. Barrett  1-37
R. Lamport  6 -
Result: WEYBOURNE win by 8 wickets Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 13/08: Away v. St. Johns (40 overs)

     After last week, it was a case of dusting ourselves down and getting on with it. St. Johns are a good team yet determined spells from all bowlers contributed to keeping them down to 118 all out. The fielding showed commitment too with catches being held, especially a couple of difficult ones by Kev Cheeseman and Craig Weston.
     Tim continued his good form with another half-Century. He now wears a helmet as a matter of course which doubtless explains his lack of fear by hooking more than ever. Ably supported by Matt Balkwill, the pair saw us to victory without loss. The weather played a goodly part in proceedings this week. A couple of isolated showers later developed into a light but persistent drizzle during our innings. As any bowler knows, this can eventually reduce a ball to something equating a bar of soap.

St. Johns  118 all out

A. Gilchrist  21 J. Walliker  2-11
P. Norris  21 A. Barrett  2-18
N. Oakley  9 M. Balkwill  2-23

West End  120 for 0

T. Lamb  65* -
M. Balkwill  36* -
No-one else batted! -
Result: WEST END win by 10 wickets Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 20/08: Away v. Windlesham (Time Game)

     August is usually filled with a strong array of opponents and this year is no different. Windlesham can play hard as demonstrated in the face of some tight bowling. Tim Lamb opened with his leg spin and kept them pegged down with an excellent 15-over spell. With Jay Walliker, they reduced the home side to 81-6, however other bowlers proved unpenetrative. Pammer eventually shook off the shackles, reaching 100 not out in a seventh wicket partnership of 111 with Llewelyn.
     Unusually, the opening bowlers were also the opening batsmen. Tim and Matt at the helm scored solidly with a stand of 115, ensuring the required run-rate remained within reach. Both fell, however just shy of their half-Centuries. This brought Jay Walliker to the crease however and of the 77 runs required, 53 came off his bat in a measured onslaught and we won with 5 full overs to spare. Another good win.
     N.B. Mat was listed in the bowling as "Corkwell."

Windlesham  192 for 6

Pammer  100* J. Walliker  3-39
Llewelyn  26* T. Lamb  3-52
Greenfield  20 -

West End  195 for 3

J. Walliker  53* Atkinson  1-37
T. Lamb  49 Malkin  1-41
M. Balkwill  48 Elscott  1-55
Result: WEST END win by 7 wickets Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 27/08: Away v. Bisley (Time game)

     30% chance of showers forecast for today, and it didn't disappoint. Heavy bursts from Saturday and overnight prevented a closer cut to what was already a drying pitch, at best. So, with plenty of sawdust to hand Bisley opened their account. Wickets fell regularly on a pitch of uneven bounce, Mike Hills' pace proving very effective. Robin Line scored a gritty 64 not out, the odd body blow aside but West Ends' fielding came together extremely well to curb the runs. A short shower brought an early tea which meant the pitch was likely to remain unpredictable. Extras failed to be added to the total, thus WECC had a target of 11 less than should have been.
     In an experiment by Tim, Kev Cheeseman and young Ben Pudney opened this week. Bens' departure in the second over brought Adrian Barrett to the crease who consolidated with a dogged 40. before being bowled. By that time solid partnerships with Kev, Matt and Tim ensured that the few runs required were easily obtainable especially with the arrival of Big Jay Walliker to the crease.
     nb. Mike Hills complained about "my Achilles", sounds like "Mike Hillies" - geddit?....

Bisley  115 (gross 126) - 8

R. Line  64* M. Hills  3-17
M. Chester  14 A. Barrett  3-24
T. Brown  11 J. Walliker  1-14

West End  116 - 5

A. Barrett  40 D. Brown  1-6
M. Balkwill  24 Holdcroft  1-10
K. Cheeseman  19 P. Marsh  1-18
Result: WEST END win by 5 wickets Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 28/08: Away v. Cove 2nd XI (Mon)

This game was unfortunately cancelled due to staff shortages (we're all midgets - NOT!).


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Result: Cancelled Season 2000

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