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March 2004

 A new year, and another Spring Clean of the site. A Sitemenu has been put in place. This is one large page listing virtually everything on the site and where it is, ideal if you get lost. It's accessed by clicking out badge or logo found on the top of each page. New Galleries, photos from 1993 and 1994, mostly of the first two tours. TO COME - individual season pages prior to 1997.

July 2003

 Incremental updates, mainly the accumulation of individual 2003 match reports, accessed via a main Fixtures Page. The main Season 2003 page has been updated. (nb. further updating of this page - and others - was not possible until 2004.)

November 2002

 Helluva Big Month! Gone through the site like a dose of salts. Adverts have been banished! Lots of pages re-written and/or updated. Wayward links are now corrected (mostly, anyway) so pages otherwise "lost" are now accessible again. Menu buttons now highlight when your mouse pointer hovers over them. Highlighted links also introduced through the text on most pages (newer browsers preferred for all this). Four new MPEG "mini-Movies" plus one mp3 audio added to the Media page, all off the 2002 tour. Also uploaded are 28 new piccies on the new 2002 tour photo gallery. The article about the newly-laid wickets is now on its own page (as is the 2002 tour report) leaving the Season 2002 page a little bit leaner. Linkages Page given its annual once-over, with refreshed and new links. This site is now well past the 5,000 visitors. Phew!

August 2002

 Updated Front page and Season2002 page, the latter containing news on the new pitch with some photos. Also added new Tour 2000 page. More updating here and there, hopefully fixing some displaying problems experienced from time to time. 2002 match reports finally added! Not easy without FTP!

April 2002

 Added a few bits here and there - just waiting for the season and/or pitch contractors to arrive! Sadly, FTP updating has been removed by Geocities making updating (via browser) much more convoluted and time consuming.

February 2002

 Redesigned headers on most pages (if possible), more updating, added results 2002 pages. Added "Village Scene" links to new local website for the community. Launched the season 2002 page and archiving the others (i.e. in the Archive).

January 2002

 More updating, finally

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August 2001

 Another batch of match reports that while informative can't quite tell the whole story.

June 2001

 Uploading issues finally resolved and site updated. At last.

February 2001

 Front page re-laid to incorporate new features - free WECC Web-Mail similar to Yahoo! and others (accessible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection) with a login box on the front front page (more info here), a new search box (powered by Atomz) and local weather details. Also, the 2001 season page has been updated.

December 2000

 Cosmetic rearrangement of the whole site, hopefully allowing easier future updating (like last year). (Please email with any viewing problems.) New section ("History") on the origins of the club, includes pages on West End, Chobham and a page about the site of our original ground in Brentmoor Road. Old "About Us" re-named "History", the new "About us" is now more to the point. Need info!

November 2000

 2000 tour results and summaries are finally online after a hosting error, "Linkages" has been updated and re-arranged. The Laws Of Cricket, re-written as the "2000 code" has been linked to, but you can download an Acrobat PDF file which is also suitable for printing. (Requires the free Acrobat Reader.) Easier to read counter installed.

September 2000

New Welcoming page. Updated Season 2000 page and associated results pages.

March 2000

New colour scheme adopted. Expanded "modular" page design so that complete sections can be inserted or deleted without upsetting the formatting of the rest of the page contents. Almost works too.

January 2000

 Domain purchased. 1000th visitor clocked up. Gosh!

November 1999

 Re-designed the site in an attempt to allow easier expansion in future.

July 1999

 Site now managed with Frontpage98. Another new colour scheme, main body text now black on light background (easier on eyes), open-ended table design, club badge on the front page and more photographs. Shorter redirection URL in place (, still works today).

November 1998

 New colour scheme, open-ended table design, club badge on the front page and more photographs.

April 1998

 West End CC on the Web launched! The one long page originally made in Netscape Composer has been expanded to three shorter pages in Frontpage Express.

October 1997

 First mention of West End CC on the Web as a single page entry on Adie Barrett's personal homepages. WECC later took over the site completely.

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