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Results 2001
1: The merry month of May

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v. LEATHERHEAD C.C.     06th May 2001

v. EAST CHEAM C.C.     13th May 2001

v. CHERTSEY REC     20th May 2001
v. OLD WOKING     27th May 2001

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. LEATHERHEAD C.C.

06th May 2001


Leatherhead: 199-8

D. Baker  77* D. Lamb  3-44
R. Cooper  47 J. Walliker  2-50
K. Mills  33 Hills  1-46

West End: 108-all out

J. Walliker  68 Mills  3-4
M. Balkwill  10 M.Baker  3-28
J. Stephens  6 Huseyin  2-14

L'head win by 91 runs

Season 2001

     The previous week's game was washed out thanks to the ongoing rotten weather. For this week Charing Cross's ground was still damp so this one was re-arranged to Leatherhead whom we've never faced before. Incumbent Captain Matt Balkwill held well with tradition and loss the toss. Leatherhead batted first and although four reached double figures it was enough to see the total mount up as, once again, vital catches went down.

     Tim Lamb fell for naught in the third over followed by Jay Stephens just as he looked to be settling in. This brought Big Jay Walliker to the crease who knocked up a quality 68 with no support - the remaining seven batsmen fell for one run between them. All in all, not the best start to the season we could hope for.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. E. CHEAM C.C.

13th May 2001


West End: 71-all out

K. Cheeseman  12 Struthers  4-18
M. Hills  8 Tarrant  2-4
D. Lamb  8 Bug  2-10

East Cheam: 72-5

Smart  41* D.LAmb  2-22
Tarrant  16 Hills  2-32
Coley  12 Walliker  1-17

E. Cheam win by 5 wickets

Season 2001

     East Cheam were quite strong when previously we met. Now based at Whiteley Village their second ground is unpredictable and with last week's experience in mind most struggled to get of the mark. Opening bowler Struthers took three wickets in four balls claiming the scalps of Jay Walliker (68 last week) and Steve Cave in the process having removed both Tim Lamb and Matt Balkwill previously.

     In reply, Mike Hills removed opener Sloper for naught but at the other end Tarrant held out for his 16 before becoming Jay Wallikers' only scalp. With No.3 Smart the foundation was laid for a relatively comfortable cruise to victory despite valliant bowling from both Hills and Walliker.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. CHERTSEY REC

20th May 2001


Chersey Rec: 161-6

R. Yewer  67 J. Walliker  2-20
K. Eagles  33 K, Cheeseman  2-44
N. Raynsford  18 A. Barrett    1-40

West End: 56-all out

A.Lamberth  11 C. Cooke  2-5
J. Stephens  9 S. Eagles  2-12
M. Balkwill  7 M. Wade  2-14

Chert'Rec win by 105 runs

Season 2001

     Chertsey Rec, "The Enemy" (only in friendly terms) batted first. Opener K. Eagles was his usual solid self, staying for a shade under two hours before we got him on 33, despite giving us a few near-misses in the field. With Rob Yewer he played the grinding game, wearing us down. Jason Walliker was the pick of our bowlers but even he failed to penetrate too deep as Chertsey Rec slowly but surely racked up the runs.

     Our attempts to redress the previous weeks' performances were initially thwarted by some tight bowling from Cooke and his sheer nagging accuracy. With the others backing him up well WECC's batsmen put themselves under too much unnecessary pressure to score easily, the net result being that we crashed out to our lowest total in some years. It's just one of "those times" we've all experienced at one time or another. Even so, our score in this game was topped (or should that be 'bottomed') in the last game of the season.      Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. OLD WOKING C.C.

27th May 2001


West End: 104-all out

J. Walliker  25 Place  3-13
A. Lamberth  22 Collin  2-18
D. Lamb  12 M.Tilley  2-27

West End: 108-8

Dixon  22 Walliker  4-25
Shipp  19 Cave  2-25
M.Tilley  12 Hills  1-15

Old Woking win by 2 wkts

Season 2001

     Old Woking are a good club whose ground is part of a flood plain, a photo from a couple of years ago shows the ground completely submerged! No worries on this warm day however where we batted first. Tim sadly fell for a duck, he hasn't had a good season with the willow as he's other things on his plate this year. Jay Walliker and Steve Cave and Adie Lamberth shored up the innings and while most got off the mark progress was hard.

     The home side needed 105 and opener Shipp was a stubborn as ever, carrying his bat for 19. With the exception of Dixon and Tilley OW's men fell cheaply with tight bowling. Steve Cave took two quick wickets at a crucial time and others followed. A difficult catch to bring the last man in wasn't taken however and Old Woking slowly pinched runs here and there to victory in the 41st over. A great fielding performance marred with extras being top scorer.     Top of page

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