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Results 2001
4: August &- September, Wrap-up

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v. Claygate C.C.     12th August 2001

v. Chobham C.C.     02nd September 2001


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. CLAYGATE C.C.

12th August 2001


Claygate: 248-7

C. Howe  110 T. Lamb  3-37
T. Law  55 M. Hills  2-46
A. Sallis  28 H. Turner  1-41

West End: 185-8

J. Walliker  53 A. Sallis  2-18
J. Stephens  27 McKinley  2-18
K. Ceeseman  21 T. Law  1-18

Match Drawn

season 2001

     We sadly had to cancel against Bagshot due to a severe shortage of available players, one of those weeks when holiday and work took their toll. Next was a CCC one against Claygate. When we go toward London, quality of teams seemingly increase. Same was true here, they were hard to get out and the runs kept on coming till tea when it stopped on 248. Tim Lamb was our star, taking three wickets.

     Matt was out with the score on 1, however the Jays Stephens and Walliker took us to 95 before the latter was out caught behind. Jay Stephens followed shortly afterwards and although Kev Cheeseman stayed around, his partners couldn't, their wickets falling regularly every few overs. Johnno Greathead had some fun shoring up the lower half - his first scoring stroke was a 6! Good lad! It was enough to ensure the last men saw out the remaining overs for us to get the draw.     Top of page


tiniball.gif (195 bytes) v. CHOBHAM C.C.

02nd September 2001


West End: 30 all out

A. Barrett  9* Arif  5-11
J. Walliker  6 Reynolds  3-12
J. Stephens  4 -

Chobham: 31-1

B. Fothergill  24* A. Barrett  1-12
D. Smith  5 J. Walliker  1-14
- -

West End have got the runs

season 2001

     Poor weather saw Windlesham knocked into touch, we don't have an awful lot of luck with this fixture at times. The last game of August should have been at Bisley, well, it was if you count 35 minutes in the steadily increasing drizzle on what was already a slippery surface as a game. Suspending proceedings in the light (or is it gloom?) of the ever-heavier rain we agreed to abandon it at teatime, the tea still requiring to be eaten of course.

    And so to Chobham. Holiday time bit once again into our available player pool and two of our esteemed Vice-Presidents turned out for us. Adie Lamberth was unable to turn up till an hour after start, mind you when he did it was all over. Jay Wallikers 6 was indeed the six of our innings, one of only five scoring innings as Arif scythed through our already depleted line-up. Hmmm.

     In reply we made them really sweat by managing a couple of token wickets but we need at least a ton to stand any chance against a team of Chobham's standing. The beer match was won by - yes you've guessed - us, if only because the oncoming rain was making fielding decidedly uncomfortable for the home side and the thought of beer at the bar was maybe too much. Our guests Gary Pudney and Martin Weston had a grand time, opening in the Beer Match and scoring only 3 less than the rest of us in the main one! Adie Lamberth's 49 made us feel just a little poorly, if only he was here for the main game, we may, just may have made 31.....?     Top of page



     There's nothing like a good season to make everyone feel good, and this year was nothing like a good year in terms of results. And that's life, although using the Chobham game here as a comment on the season as a whole would be slightly harsh we think. We suffered through a lack of regular practice (which should have been addressed during 2002, but hit ongoing planning problems) and lack of a home ground which makes you feel, well, at home which we've lacked this year what with one thing and another. Next year will be challenging as a couple of players will not be able to turn out regularly for us due to other commitments. Fancy a game?     Okay, you've had you're little joke and I think it's way past your bedtime. LEAVE IT OUT!     Top of page

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