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Results 2000 - 6
September: Chobham - Addlestone

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tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 03/9: Home v. Chobham 2nd XI (Time game)

     Once again to the beautiful ground at Chobham, a couple of miles up the road with the weather much improved over last week. Once again we fielded first after losing the toss and some good, steady bowling made Chobham struggle toward their eventual target of 163 for 8. This was achieved in 48 overs no less, due to the nature of this weeks' rules. Only Donnelly made a significant score, carrying his bat in the process.
     With an hour and guaranteed 20 overs to come the actual run rate was approximately 4 per over. With this in mind Tim and Matt started steadily, until Tim was bowled in the ninth over and Howard Turner followed in similar fashion 4 overs later. Now to the crease comes the very much on-form Jason Walliker, whose 81 was steadily built at about 5 per over, punctuated by the occasional savagely-belted six. Two of these smashed tiles on the roof of the pavilion! Hmmm. WECC obtained their win in 29.2 overs, the last 10.2 overs yielding 84 runs.
     In the changing room after the game, Tim made known his intention of stepping down as Captain after three seasons (which included the phenomenally successful 1998 season). This was also his last game the season and went out on a high: out of the last 7 games, six were wins and in 5 of those we were batting second. Well done, Tim.

Chobham  163 for 8 dec.

Donnelly  80* J. Walliker  4-39
Ehls  16 H. Turner  2-40
aArmitage  12 M. Hills  1-13

West End  165 for 2

J. Walliker  81* Arif  1-27
M. Balkwill  56* Donnelly  1-57
H. Turner  9 -
Result: WEST END win by 8 wickets Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 10/9: Away v. Bagshot 2nd XI (Time game)

     Another local side comes into our fixture list via the ever dependable C.C.C. Although we were hit by holidays, Howard Turner managed to raise a full team which, on the day, batted first. Matt Balkwills' good run was curtailed by a duck bringing Howard to the crease. In partnership with Jay Stephens the score steadily increased before Prentice bowled both, part of a very economic six-wicket haul. After that only Dave Lamb reached double figures (just) and the tail faded away.
     WECC utilised just the two bowlers. Howard went for just under seven an over but Kev Cheeseman took two for twenty-two in his six overs. In thirteen overs, it was all over with the time at 5.05pm and an early drink. Although we didn't know it then, it happened to be the last after-match drink of the season.

West End  73 all out

J. Stephens  20 Prentice  6-7
H. Turner  17 Medland  2-15
D. Lamb  10 Rice  1-1

Bagshot  74 for 3

A. Timms  39 K. Cheeseman  2-11
G. Bamer  16 H. Turner  1-47
P. Holley  11* -
Result: BAGSHOT win by 7 wickets Season 2000

tiniball.gif (195 bytes) 17/9: Home v. Addlestone & Hamm Moor 2nd XI

     Well, that seems that for now, what was planned to have been have been the last home game before the new grass wicket goes down did not happen. For the second time this season we were unable to raise a side, this time due to a lot of holidays occurring in a short space of time. Ah well, here's to the New Year!
      All this seasons' participants now look forward to stuffing themselves silly and dancing the night away at the Annual Awards Evening. Friday October 20th, 7.30pm at Chobham Golf Club, and don't be late. Plus of course the Annual General Meeting near the end of November. That's all, folks!
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