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Gallery: 2000
Isle of Wight tour

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Yelfs' Hotel, RydeThe scene of all criminal activities in 2000. Yelfs' in Ryde was the perfect bolt-hole within easy staggering distance of the rest of the town - especially downhill In the bar at Yelfs'But why stagger far and wide when you can do it here? This piccie is from where Howard tries to persuade Dazza (on something called "TVR's") to get drunk "and feel as if you are."
Looking downhillThe view down to the Solent. The nightspots are to be found at the bottom of the hill - and we all know that means one heck of a climb back when plastered at 2.30am Inspecting the pitch at GodshillHaving lost the Saturday game at Godshill to the previously wet weather we decided to check it out anyway seeing as we were hiring it for the Sunday game!
Football on Sandown beachNo cricket on the Saturday, so off we trotted to Sandown beach for a little game of footie, which turned into a rather larger game of footie. All in good taste. Right in the nads....until came the moment when our lively and kicking President took one where it hurts. No longer was he lively and kicking, and no flippin' wonder either
"Can we have a perm please?""Do I make you horny, babe?" was the typical cry of this Gentleman Adventurer. We all thought Dazza looked like a hairdresser here - ironic as he looks as if he invented the economy haircut all by himself. Don't be fooled: hairdressers talk to you, while at the other end of the scale "DeeJayDaz" (as he signs emails as) could shout for England. A real-life Tony & Guy?

He's not at all a well manSaturday Morning, after the "night before".  We were getting some fresh air when Howard noticed Craigs' pale appearance. "He's not very well" explains Howard of our poorly-looking companion. The other two piccies here are from the same morning, where craig wishes it wasn't morning, not now, not ever....

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