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  1. 1956-59: From Skiffle To Rock -
Lonnie Donegan hits gold with his unique interpretation of American folk songs, and suddenly the youth of Britain is led into the beginnings of the Rock 'n' Roll revolution.  Freddie Heath begins to make his mark first in the local area, then toward a much wider audience....
  2. 1960-61: Shakin' All Over -
The Pirates are slimmed down and re-organised into a trio, partly for economic reasons and partly because it looks and sounds good.  Then a song thrown together by the group in minutes for their next flipside becomes one of the iconic Rock 'n' Roll songs of the 20th Century....
  3. 1962-63: I'll Never Get Over You -
Mutinies, defections, call it what you like, the Kidd was shipwrecked, but only for a spell.  New recruits to the cause rescued Kidd and consolidated their reputation as a groups' group.  Having settled in, there appeared a Tsunami in the shape of Merseybeat which threatened to sweep all before it....
  4. 1964-65: Right String Baby but The Wrong Yoyo -
History can repeat itself, and the Kidd finds himself getting a little frustrated with each subsequent release that only compounds the groups dichotomous approach of a hard-nosed R'n'B combo trying to compete with the likes of the Beatles....
  5. 1966-67: Gotta Travel On -
Indecision on the record company's part leads to frustration and more defections until something had to give.  Kidd struck out on his own as a solo artist leaving the Pirates to forge ahead on their own.  Kidd ain't a Captain without Pirates about, so a new crew of buccaneers is willingly press-ganged aboard....
  6. 1976-onwards: The Pirates -
Ten long years it was and a set of Pirates decide to hoist the Jolly Roger once again.  They are surprised by the positive reactions garnered by two appearances and naturally enough decide to exploit this, which lasts for the next seven years.  Legends will persist however, and history repeats itself into the New Millennium....
  Johnny Kidd - Epilogue -
So, just where did it all go wrong - was it the choice of material?  Was it a lack of push from his managers?  Was it simply the fast-moving events of the day led to the wrong decisions which only in hindsight can be seen for what they were?  Or was it just that lady luck was destined to never to be quite on his side....
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