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The legendary Johnny Kidd

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Johnny Kidd-related

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    DEEP PURPLE FAMILY TREE     Deep Purple was the next big project Nick Simper was involved in.  For the page of Nick's own Rock Family Tree post-Purple, click here.  
    THE TORNADOS     Excellent site by Tom Hammond documenting the chart-topping one-time challengers to the Shadows whose ranks included Alan Caddy and Clem Catinni, at one time with Brian Gregg as well!  
    BRIAN GREGG     Loads of interesting pictures from right across Brian's career - part of Aching Cellar  
    THE PACK     Page about Brian's time with the Pack from Wilshire in the mid-60's, who had a minor hit with "Do You Believe In Magic?"  
    JOHNNY KIDD & PIRATES RECORDINGS LIST     Must virtually be a complete list of every recording of Kidd & Co in their various incarnations, from singles to re-issues, par of a large site  
    BILL KENNEDY     His group was believed to have the first to release a cover of "Shakin' All Over" in the States in '62.  Followed this up with Cliff's "Move It".  Man of taste who is also in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame.  
    DIVIDED OPINIONS     This is Juliette Heath's band (their entry on MySpace) which has been around since 1990 in one form or another.  Currently a folk-rock-cum-indie sound with Juliette's violin playing to the fore - hear some of their tracks for free here.  
    WATKINS MUSIC / WEM     A history of the company that made a variety of musical equipment, including the Copikat portable echo device, the first of which was bought by Kidd.  
    Click HERE to view a current list of items on EBAY for "Johnny Kidd" (eBay)  
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Tribute Band Sites

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    KIDD KANE (& THE BUCCANEERS)     Seasoned performer Aaron Kane takes off the Guv'nor in style!  His current CD, "Cabin Down Below" features Clem Catinni, Brian Gregg and Joe Moretti's son (also called Joe) as his backing "Pirates".  This is a review of that CD.  
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Current Pirates-related

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    THE PIRATES     UPDATED - The Pirates have been to Finland (where they went down a storm) and are releasing a mini-album with one of the groups over there.  The Big Bloke reports all on the one and only official Pirate's Page.  CHECK OUT FOR UP-TO-DATE INFO!  
    MICK GREEN     The Maestro of the Telecaster has his own website.  
    DINGWALLS     The Pirates have done many occasional gigs here over time.  
    ROCKPALAST     A German television show on which the Pirates appeared in 1979 and 1986.  
    FLENSBURG ONLINE     German website on the Beatles and mentioning Kramer  
    "PIRATES - LIVE AT DINGWALLS" VIDEO     The 18 minute, 6-track, live "Pirates - Live At Dingwalls" video (rel. 1992) is listed as a second-hand purchase (when available) on AMAZON from their marketplace.   
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Artists Sites

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    THE SWINGING 60's     Wayne Adderlys pages have moved and are still developing, but still holds plenty of information and news about the 60's groups today. Also contains a growing links section.  
    THE RAPIERS     have been labelled the best 60's band since the 60's! Champions of utterly cool, early '60s UK rock 'n' roll epitomized by the likes of the legendary Shadows, Johnny Kidd & the Pirates and other stars. Often feature Kidd's material onstage.  
    JOE MORETTI     This is Joe's own official, comprehensive site.  It is often updated and added to and Joe has a lot of fascinating stuff to say, read it!  Joe played guitar with almost anybody who was anyone, as contemporary session "Big" Jim Sullivan guitarist explains here.  
    VINCE TAYLOR     Another UK rocker: remember "Brand New Cadillac"? Also features a comprehensive section authored by Joe Moretti on his life in Pop. Great site by Jacques Mercier.   
    THE BILLY FURY STORY     An excellent tribute to another of the few real UK Rock acts prior to the Beatles. Even has a page on the Kidd!  
    The JOE MEEK APPRECIATION SOCIETY     The legendary producer of the Tornados - amongst many, many others. Music and videos available, plus a reprint of the excellent & comprehensive book by John Repsch is also available, an indispensable resource.  
    GORDON MILLS     Regarded as one of the world's most successful personal music managers in 'Music Business History, Mills launched Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck and Gilbert O'Sullivan, amongst others.  Before that, he was a champion harmonica player, a member of the Viscounts, and wrote the song that sent Kidd sailing back into the Top Ten in 1963.  
    WILKO JOHNSON     Influenced by Mick Green? Not half....   
    TEENAGE HEAD     Canadian band whose first album was mixed by Alan Caddy, and which is now available on CD.  They're still going, long after their teenage years....  
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General music sites

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    BIM BAM     Rock 'n' Roll, Instro's, Beat, a great place to buy the good old stuff on CD. Updated regularly, they have rare and limited edition releases as well.  
    PIPELINE     Site of the famous mag dedicated to the Instrumental side of the Sixties.     Info site still growing.  
    The ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME     A large reference resource.  
    The ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME      Another useful resource.  
    AMG - the ALL MUSIC GUIDE       Yet another hefty chunk of info.  Kidds page borrowed from mine somewhat....  
    MOHAIR SWEETS      Once an unusually titled and fascinating site containing reviews, interviews and more on many styles of music.  Now a BlogSpot, but an intriguing one at that.  
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