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The legendary Johnny Kidd


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Keith Hunt

Book_cover.jpg (9121 bytes)Wanting to find some information on the Web and not finding same drove me to research and compile these documents. I scoured every book on popular music and "Record Collector" magazine that lived under my roof, not to mention the lp's that had to be dragged screaming out of retirement once again for me to scan the sleeve notes for any useful scrap. The double CD collection "The Complete" became an automaticSilver.gif (5765 bytes) "must-buy" when I came across it in around 1996. It's remarkably informative booklet by Brian Hogg was instrumental in inspiring this Website and I was pleasantly surprised to find a request for information by Keith Hunt who intended to publish a book about the Kidd. A couple of years later while researching the group I chanced upon the same book listed for sale on a web site and that was it, I HAD to have it. The book is simply brilliant and portrays a less complicated and seemingly happier time, often from the first person's point and bringing the reader that little bit nearer to the action. An invaluable and indispensable source of info. Imagine my sadness then at learning that Keith had passed away shortly before its publication. Life has a habit of being cruel but maybe, just maybe he and Johnny while away happy hours in a far better place while their legacies live on.  It sadly seems to be an out-of-print collector's item in its own right now....


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And not least....
A salute to every Pirate for contributing to a legend of British Rock:
Johnny Kidd for allowing us Brits to hold our heads up:
Nick Simper who never stopped believing in the Kidd:
The late Alan Caddy, and Mick Green for giving the guitar a new language:
Clem Cattini, who has played on more no. 1's than any other drummer:
Brian Gregg, Johnny Spence & Frank Farley for power support
John Weider, Mick Stewart, Roger Truth, Ray Soaper, Vic Cooper, Jon Morshead, Johnny Patto and the mysterious Mike Taylor
Mike West and the rest of the Original Pirates
(from which Tony Carlaw filled in some early gaps)
...without whom the Beatles might not have gone quite so far.
Alan Wheeler for his Johnny Kidd Appreciation Society.
Bernard Futter who helped organised the 'current' Pirates
...and anyone else I've forgotten.
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