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2003 - Results
08th June - Fairlands

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Fairlands: 110 all out

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 S. Johnson  25 A. Barrett  5-14
 P. Nixon  22 A. Horn  2-9
 C. Kassell  18 H. Turner  2-27
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West End: 84-8

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 I. Brown  24 S. Johnson  6-22
 J. Stephens  21 G. Wainhouse  2-9
 H. Turner  14 -
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Match Drawn

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     Our first home game three weeks and the impact from West end fete the previous day was being felt. Apparently, tent spikes had been bashed into our pitch and the groundsman's opinion was that we should call the game off. Not likely, said Howard, however it was more than a little annoying that it had not been possible for a rope surround to have been erected during the week prior to the game, partly due to the bad weather. We were of course well aware of our new pitches' idiosyncrasies after rain, although it's behaviour had improved somewhat since the historic Opening Day in May during it's inaugural match.

     With beefy back in command, all waited with bated breath to hear the result of the toss - and it was a first! Beefy actually won and decided we should field first and try and take advantage of the new ball in this time game. Phil Dawson, the best bowler at Tilford and Lew West led the bowling attack, each giving a miserly 13 runs off their opening five overs spell, with Lew having their opener moore caught close by Neal Haworth before he had to retire with a thigh strain. Adie Barrett took over from the streets Heath end, his four overs yielding few runs and a brace of wickets, both clean bowled, although the first was a little lucky having rolled along the ground into the stumps!

Ian defending well Ian turns one to leg A nicely confident shot

     Howard Turner bowled a tidy 10 over spell from the pavilion end. His accurate bowling tired fairlands' men down and yielded two wickets, again both clean bowled - it has to be said that so far this season the proportion of wickets taken bowled as opposed to catches does West end credit. Perhaps it can be partly explained by keeping the bowlers to relatively shorter spells than in previous seasons, keeping them fresh and the batsman continually guessing. Neal Haworth's spin replaced Adie Barrett for a short spell before the batsman found his easier pace too comfortable: in turn, this brought Andy Horn on to bowl. He really ground fairland's innings to a halt with a fine spell of seam bowling, regularly beating the bat and shaving the edge by a whisker. His persistence was rewarded by bowling Nixon who by that time had been frustrated by a series of excellent deliveries. Andy went on to have A. Kassell sky one to Jay Stephens in the covers.

     Adie Barrett replaced Andy at the Pavilion end who was assisted by the slightly more excitable bounce offered by the pitch. In the space of 10 deliveries fairlands' innings had been wrapped up for a hundred and 10. With the bright conditions showing no sign of relenting and the pitch playing fairly well, could the way be paved for not only our first home win but our first win of the season? Beefy Turner certainly thought so.

John gets Johnson's treatment The fans watch tensely Jay Stephens belts a four

     Johnno Greathead and Lew West, our opening pair, strolled out to the Middle with plenty of time and overs in hand. Fairlands' opening bowler, Johnson, bowled the first ball to Lew right in the block hole which preceded to stay a little low and smash into the stumps. Lew had suffered the indignity of a golden duck for the first time in his cricketing career, not a happy man at all! Johnson's opening bowler partner Nixon gave to singles away, one to Johnno and one to Ben Pudney before Johnson bowled Johnno in the third over this brought a naturally apprehensive Ian Brown to the crease. Ian could only watch two overs later as Ben was also clean bowled by another good delivery from Johnson, whose dismissal had reduced us to five for three, slightly less than ideal. Two balls later the and Neil Howarth also departed in without troubling the scorer, a once again bowled by by the fair-haired opening bowler.

     Johnson's 4th over followed a maiden from Nixon, and also yielded the wicket of John Mcdonald without scoring to give him five wickets for no runs and all clean bowled, which must be some sort of record both for him, and for us who were reeling at eight runs for five wickets. J Stevens was now the crease and facing Johnson and came steaming in. J had not batted since the pitch opening day a month previous but was in no way intimidated by the youngster: his first delivery received was firmly hit away for a quick to runs which immediately spoilt, albeit only slightly, Johnson's average! In partnership with Ian Brown who was quite firmly digging in by now Jason staged something of a recovery and showed that the oppositions bowlers were far from invincible and by the time he was caught and bowled by Bogie man Johnson west End's score had rallied to 42.

Beefy cracks a boundary Jay square cuts another four A beautiful evening

     Beefy Turner, whose opinion was that we could still win, played a vital part in the next partnership with Ian who looked ever more comfortable with the passing overs. The pitch was past the worst of its misdemeanours and another eight overs passed while the scoreboard gently ticked over. A fair few boundaries had been scored in the last dozen overs, each of which just took a little more pressure away from the batsmen and on to the fielding side. Ian Brown was still there in the 27th over when beefy departed thanks to a tricky delivery that crept through his guard and nicked his wicket. He was eventually bowled in the 29th over after having effectively glued the innings together for 26 of them! Andy Horn and Adie Barrett still had nearly 40 runs to get but decided to play it safe and were both still there when stumps were drawn at the end of the 20 overs. It was a draw and a losing draw at that but for West end it was a positive result for the recently rebuilt side. Here's to next week!


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