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The Fentones: The recording of "The Breeze And I" on the 1982 compilation LP "I'm A Moody Guy" (and subsequent CD re-issue) is an uncredited alternate take.  The original released single featured an acoustic guitar playing the melody on the song's second verse, this was overdubbed onto the selected "best" take.  "Take Five" was eventually released on "20 Classic Instrumental Rarities" LP in 1985.  It later turned up alongside "Mick's Tune" and "Gringo" (the latter two in stereo) on Sequels' superb "Jumpin' - Instrumental diamonds 1" CD in 1990 (now long deleted).

"That Old Yeah Yeah Feeling". This track actually appeared on "Scopitone" and "Cinebox"/"Colorama" Film Jukeboxes on the Continent in the 1960's but nowhere else that I know of.  Other unreleased Shane Fenton titles currently remain unknown.

"Teardrops", "Caravan", "Raucous", "A Love Like Yours" + one more, title unknown.  "That Old Yeah Yeah Feeling" (not in the UK at least).  There may be others but EMI's paperwork is rumoured to be less than helpful in establishing correct details - Do you know of any?  Two recordings made during their association with Duffy Power, "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" and "Money Honey" (featuring Ginger Baker on drums) recently re-appeared on 2003 Duffy Power release on RPM records, "Leapers And Sleepers" (right) - RPM Records (Click on picture for larger view)

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Chart positions supplied by "Record Retailer" (now "Music Week"), via the "Guinness Book Of Hit Singles". All known singles and compilations are listed in (known) chronological order.

I'm A Moody Guy (J. Lordan) / Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Henderson)
Parlophone R4827, released 29-09-1961    
Entered chart; 26-10-1961, On chart; 8 weeks, Highest: 22
Walk Away (J. Lordan) / Fallen Leaves On The Ground (Jewry)
Parlophone R4866, released 12-01-1962
Entered chart; 01-02-1962, On chart: 5 weeks, Highest: 38
It's All Over Now (Von Tilzer - Brown) / Why Little Girl (Frazer - Jewry)
Parlophone 4883, released  16-03-1962
Entered chart; 05-04-1962, On chart: 7 weeks, Highest: 29
The Mexican (Jones - Murray) / Lover's Guitar (unknown)     (Fentones only)
Parlophone R4899, released 30?-03-1962
Entered chart; 19-04-1962, On chart: 3 weeks, Highest: 41
Cindy's Birthday (H. Winn - J. Hooven) / It's Gonna Take Magic (Paramour - Barratt)
Parlophone R4921, released 22-06-1962
Entered chart; 12-07-1962, On chart: 8 weeks, Highest: 19
The Breeze And I (Lecuona) / Just For Jerry (Wilcock - Eyre)     (Fentones only)
Parlophone R4937, released 14-09-1962
Entered chart; 27-09-1962, On chart: 1 weeks, Highest: 48
Too Young For Sad Memories (Lional Bart) / You're Telling Me (Jewry)
Parlophone R4951, released 19-10-1962
Did not chart
I Ain't Got Nobody (Graham - Williams) / Hey Miss Ruby (Twitty - Nance)
Parlophone R 4982, released 11-01-1963
Did not chart
A Fool's Paradise (Eden Kane) / You Need Love (Jewry)     (Shane Fenton solo)
Parlophone R5020, released 19-04-1963
Did not chart
Don't Do That (Vandyke) / I'll Know (Jewry)     (Shane Fenton solo)
Parlophone R5047, released 12-07-1963
Did not chart
Somebody Else Not Me (Newell - Green)
Released on LP "It's All Happenning" LP from the film of same name
Columbia SX3486, released 02-08-1963 (in stereo on SCX3486)
Hey Lulu (Ballard Jr. - Riela) / I Do, Do You (Jewry)
Parlophone R5132, released 01-05-1964
Did not chart
Eastern Seaboard (Unknown) / Blind Fool (Unknown)

Fury  FY305, released 1972 (?)

Did not chart

Extended Play (EP's)

Shane Fenton and the Fentones (EP)
EMI NUT4 2696, 1977/1978 ?
Iím A Moody Guy, Walk Away, Cindy's Birthday, It's All Over Now

Long Players (LP's) & Compact Discs

Contour  2870 409, 1974 (release cancelled)
Track listing unknown, would have featured Shane Fenton tracks
EMI NUT4 2696, 1977/1978 ?
See For Miles / Charley  CM102, 1982
SIDE ONE:  I'm A Moody Guy - Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue - Why Little Girl - It's All Over Now - It's Gonna Take Magic - Cindy's Birthday - Too Young For Sad Memories - Fallen Leaves On The Ground - Walk Away
SIDE TWO:  Don't Do That - I'll Know - A Fool's Paradise - You Need Love - Somebody Else Not Me - I Ain't Got Nobody - Hey Miss Ruby - Hey Lulu - The Breeze And I (the Fentones, alternate take)
EMI Gold  7243 5 83774 2 2, 2003
Complete A's & B's by Shane Fenton & The FentonesSIDE ONE:  I'm A Moody Guy - Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue - Walk Away - Fallen Leaves On The Ground - It's All Over Now - Why Little Girl - Cindy's Birthday - It's Gonna Take Magic - Too Young For Sad Memories - You're Telling Me - I Ain't Got Nobody
SIDE TWO:  Hey Miss Ruby - A Fool's Paradise - You Need Love - Don't Do That - I'll Know - Hey Lulu - I Do, do You - The Mexican (Fentones) - Lover's Guitar (Fentones) - The Breeze And I (Fentones) - Just For Jerry (Fentones)


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