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There isn't very much about Shane Fenton and the Fentones out there on the high seas of the World Wide Web, however, here are a few of the more interesting tit-bits I found.

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Alvin Stardust's homepage - The man himself!  Includes photos, discography and more.  Has recently added the first part of his life story, with more promised to follow.

Alvin Stardust - Wanna book him? Here he is.

Iris Caldwell NEW - Interesting little page about Shane's wife whose previous form included 50% of the Beatles!

The Rapiers - Great-sounding band who specialise in the sound of the pre-Beatle era. Recently appeared at Bruce Welch's "Shadowmania" at Lakeside.

Billy Fury - Films - Part of the superb Billy Fury site, this page contains info and pix about his film "Play It Cool" in which Shane and the boys appeared. A full-size still featuring Billy with Shane's mob is directly here.

Sixties City - A growing info and resource site dedicated to the", memories and magic from the most fun and exciting decade in history." Presented in  'magazine' style pages with lots of pix but it's well worth it.

VideoBeat - American site that has a copy of just about every pre-1970 pop television show and film in existence, including many British ones. You can pick and choose your own compilations! Shane is featured a couple of times, in the usual suspects.

Alvin Stardust - Google search results, there's a bit or two here!

Johnny Kidd and the Pirates - My site chronicling the career of one of Britain's finest  Rock 'n' Roll / R&B bands of the 60's.  Heavily updated recently.

The Pirates - Mick Green, Johnny Spence and Frank Farley are still belting out their rock 'n' roll flavoured R&B - when time allows.

West End Cricket Club - My, er, village cricket club!

Basingstoke Camcorder Club - A club I once belonged to.  

Abrexa UK - UK search engine providing site reviews, age ratings, browser testing and more.


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