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your opportunity to show your Pirates memorabilia, old posters and news cuttings, disks and anything else Pirates related

a superb cartoon sent in by Jari Elsila from Finland

2 previously unseen photos of Mick Green reportedly playing with The Dakotas - sent in by John Atkins

article is from WEA records House magazine No 1 dated October 1977 - sent in by Brian Reeve

Brads collection - Posters, badges, memberships, photos and great memorabilia (2008Jan21)

42 press cuttings - collected and sent in by Dave Starbuck (2008Jan5)

Satellite City, Glasgow August 1978 - sent in by Dave Starbuck

Roger Dopson - record collector - sent in by Chris Frances / Sweden

all six editions of the Johnny Kidd Appreciation Society Newsletter Sept78 ~ Nov79.    - Ken Hollyoak
Press cuttings - Ken Hollyoak
Photo from Hamburg 1960's - Ken Hollyoak
Posters - Ken Hollyoak
Happy Birthday R&R flexi disk - Ken Hollyoak

a few photos from the past - Alan Mothersole

Strings'n'things - Roger Morse

My collection of Pirates photos and posters - Chris Frances, Sweden  The Pirates, Wilko and others in Finland - Archie Hämäläinen

Chris Hashmi found this on the back of a wardrobe door - Mick Green / RotoSound  strings