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2003 - Results
06th July - Pinkneys Green

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Pinkneys Green: 245-7 dec.

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 C. Andersson  73 M. James  3-56
 M. Huntley  58 D. Kennard  1-17
 P. Brant  28 A. Horn  1-35
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West End: 93-all out

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 H. Turner  22 Laine  2-11
 C. Weston  21 Taylor  2-13
 A. Barrett  15 Rusted  2-14
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West End win by 25 runs

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     We'd picked up Pinkneys Green through the Conference. It was another fine summer's day as we arrived at a lovely village green on the edge of the village that belied the fact it was situated on the edge of Maidenhead. The home team probably won the toss as they went in first and scored over seven an over, reaching the fifty in just seven overs. Andy Horn came on to bowl but Cap'n Beefy needed to stem the runs so brought back Mikey James with instructions to give it all he had in the eighteenth over.

     Mikey came steaming in with raw pace and finally found the edge of Huntley's bat, the batsman unable to keep up with it. The ball flew through to Ben behind the stumps who - not without some surprise - held on to it despite stinging his little pinkies somewhat. A cheap over from Andy brought us back round to Mikey's second over of his comeback spell. Anderson, the remaining opener had to face Mikey who continued chucking it down at some pace. Andersson played at the ball and again found a faint edge. The ball thudded once more into Bens bruised fingers and made him wince.

Beefy, Andy and Mikey survey the scene on arrival A nice picture - but no cricket

     At 132 for 2 it was hardly earth-shattering but we thought we may be in with a chance of putting on the brakes a bit more. A handful more wickets fell but slowly while the runs continued, ramping up the pace again as decent deliveries found the boundary as often as the bad delivery. It was one of those days when the sun beat down, making the job a little more difficult especially as we were a little mis-matched. Pinkneys Green were the stronger team and took us to the cleaners, our heads dropped a bit here and there allowing some mis-fields to get away and they declared in the 38th over on 245 for 7

Mikey wonders what's in store  We survey the scene as we leave - never to return?


     Our reply was going to have to be good and Johnno and Adie B went out with the best of intentions, to have a controlled "go". Johnno went in the first over, and it continued with a watchful eye as every over as a tight one, no bowler giving anything away. The first nine overs yielded us just eight runs and it became apparent that our best line would be to see the overs out for a draw, the best we could hope for against a team playing as well as them. A huge cheer went up when the first four was scored by Andy Horn, a cheeky little pull to the furthest boundary opposite the clubhouse. He repeated it a short while later before being caught and bowled by one that unluckily got a little big on him. Some stout defending was seen from the Captain himself and Craig Weston who between them scored five of the eight fours in our total.

     Craig fell LBW in the thirty-second over, which he wasn't too happy about, and after Beefy went after one he should have left alone and departed the same over there was not a lot more resistance from West End. The last three men fell for a grand total of thee between them and the home side completed a job on us. It took them 37 overs though, and had some of our men lasted better earlier on then a draw would definitely been on the cards. It's easy to say "mis-match", which it was a bit, but as we drove away in the falling sunlight we knew we could have done a bit better than what looks like a thrashing on paper. Which it was.

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