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2003 - Results
27th April - Away v. Chadwick C.C.

Conditions: Dry, sunny spells, fairly breezy. Cloudy later

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Chadwick: 177-7

 Smallman 50 H.Turner 3-32
 Griffiths 28 A.Barrett 2-23
 Cripps 27 S.Weston 1-23

West End: 118-all out

 J.Greathead 28 Dougall 2-18
 C.Weston 25 Smallman 2-21
 B.Pudney 11 Griffiths 2-26

CHADWICK win by 59 runs

     We (actually Howard "Cap'n Beefy" Turner) decided it would be a good idea to get some outside experience in the Great Outdoors before the Big Day next week. The Club Cricket Conference came up with Chadwick who play in a nice setting near Esher. The toss lost, we took to the field in the first innings of this 40-over game. It was slow going in the early overs as Adie Barrett and Neil Howarth asked plenty of questions of the batsmen, with a few mis-timed thick edges not quite reaching the close fielders. Howarth struck first, getting Benedict caught at point by Ben Pudney, then a quicker ball from Barrett caught the edge of Talpe's bat with the ball thumping into Howard's hands. Thankfully it stuck. It was the Captain himself who trapped Chadwick's other opener Dougal leg-before, a mark of his tight bowling. Smallman survived an early chance, then steadily steered his side into a better position, waiting for and taking advantage of the occasional loose ball on his way to a solid fifty. Meanwhile, bowling into the wind from the Town end saw the breeze starting to make the ball drift too much on occasion, which helped us to give 14 wides away. Howard continued his accurate spell with the wind from the Pavilion End, bowling their captain for nought.

Bit of knocking up  Beam me up Scotty Johnno creams one...

     Generally, West End fielded well but could not stop some well-timed shots every now and then making their way to the boundary. Craig Weston bowled well in his four overs for no wickets, despite carrying a knee injury. But once his nerves settled down, it was Craig's brother - new lad Scott - who trickily turned the ball into the wind, Neil Howarth taking a cracking catch to dismiss Smallman, his loss only temporarily putting a hold on things. After their captain's duck, all Chadwick batsmen had got off the mark well and the pair remaining at the crease had 22 between them at the close, with the total of 177 for seven.

     Ah yes, the reply. Regular West End opener Johnno Greathead was paired with Adie Barrett, of whom the latter completely misjudged his second delivery which knocked the bails flying. Dismayed, he changed places with Ben Pudney and trudged back to the pavilion. Ben had no fears though, his first and last scoring shots were nicely-timed fours. I say "last" because with the score on 36 Ben looked to be hit a bit high on the leg and was given out lbw. Win some, lose some. New lad Ian Brown was never quite at home, being pinned down by Fawcett who bowled well and was unlucky not to get him out earlier than he did. Fawcett finally got Ian with his penultimate ball, a yorker ramming into the leg stump. Johnno continued grinding away while his new partner Neil Howarth chose his shots with care and between them grafted through the next nine overs, averaging just under five an over, a good rate at that stage of the game that put the home side under pressure. Good deliveries were kept out and Johnno survived a call for a catch.

 ... and Craig joins in  Cap'n Beefy gets a good 'un  End of an enjoyable game 

     It was the 24th over when Chadwick got the breakthrough they had waited for. Neil fell clean bowled to a good ball from Griffith, who'd bowled tightly throughout his spell. A wicket fell in each of the three ensuing overs for just six runs and West End were on the back foot. Howard Turner put up some dogged resistance, then called for a "quick two runs" to Andy Horn, his partner who was then on nought. A great throw-in and Andy had to go, being run out by a good few yards and sadly still on nought. Howard will not be allowed to forget that call - just wait until the Awards Dinner!


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