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November 2003    Ace cafe gig report   - The Big Bloke
November 2003   Ace Cafe gig report  - Roger Morse
December 2003
    Borderline report -- The Big Bloke
November 2004    Half Moon report  - Roger Morse
January 2005
        100 Club report  - The Big Bloke
Summer 2005       photos from Finland tour - Leena Seppänen
December 2005   photos from Half Moon gig  - Alan Mothersole

a new album  "Skullduggery"
19 gigs, 3000+ tickets sold, appearance at the Colne R&B Festival, 2 tours of Finland and  - A BUSY YEAR !!!!
July 2006            Riga, Southend   - Wolfie
August 2006      Colne R&B Festival - Brod from Brum
November 2006   Pirates in Finland -  - The Big Bloke

release of "Shakin at the Beeb" album
20 gigs, thousands of tickets sold, - ANOTHER "BLINDING YEAR !!!!
February 2007    Kite Club Blackpool report  - John / Liverpool                                                                     
February 2007 - Simon Nicholl
May 2007         Check Inn Club, Hyvinkaa, Finland  - Juha "Nisse" Kärkkäinen
May 2007         Coventry Jazz Festival - Dave Gomm
May 2007 - Coventry - Simon Nicholl
May 2007 - Coventry - Simon Nicholl
May 2007         Coventry Jazz Festival  - Brod from Brum
Summer 2007   On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland - Juha "Nisse" Kärkkäinen
Summer 2007   Valkeakoski, Finland - Esa and Leena Seppanen
August 2007    Alex Park Hotel, Lahti, Finland  - Juha "Nisse" Kärkkäinen
August 2007  Finland Tour - the Big Bloke -  something slightly different to the usual stage photos
November 2007   Leicester - report emailed in by Ray Gill
December 2007  Half Moon, Putney - report, photos and Youtube video links - all sent in by Alan Mothersole

just 9 gigs  this year ( all "sell-out") as the guys get their breath back after 2006 & 2007.
John toured Finland with Doctors Order and Mick toured with Van Morrison.
February 2008   Stoneythorpe Hotel, Southam - report and photos by Martyn "Wooden Shirt" Pegg
November 2008  Half Moon, Putney, London - a collection of photos from teh last gig of the year
release of another new Pirates album :  "The Pirates: Live in America"
release of a new Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order album: "Full Throttle, No Brakes"

Mick wasn't too good so there were no Pirate's performances.   John kept his hand in by recording and promoting an album with Finland's premier band: Doctor's Order. 
Then without his Bass guitar, he fronted the stage with Doctors Order on 8 gigs in Finland - all total sell-outs.  A superb album
( get it here) and great live performances. 

11th January - Mick Green passed away after a long illness and with Frank in retirement that would seem to be the end of an era. 
John vows to continue working with Doctors Order and new dates are set up for another tour. See Johnny Spence & Doctors Order from the menu .