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Some time back I half woke in the middle of the night with these words going around in my head - shaking off the sleep I got up and wrote them down and promptly went back to sleep. In the morning I found I'd written these couplets ( all but the last two lines which I added after ) ......
    Ray & Anita, Lady (Laird) of Glencairn
aka The Big Bloke & Mrs Big Bloke

Found this sticker from Poland - it reads

Driver Under The Influence Of
The Pirates


   Extracts from "Disc" September 1963 - including article by Johnny Kidd

          transcript from a recorded telephone interview with Ray & Dave - Aug2004

 a 1970s Christmas card from The Pirates

each one individually signed by Mick, John & Frank

 Our guest tickets to the official launch of Skullduggery
frankstick.jpg (17200 bytes) Next - after the end of the Ace Cafe gig I swapped sticks with Frank and I've now got his sticks on the
wall in my Diner at home ( Dunno what Frank did with mine )
tickets.jpg (62919 bytes) The gig that never was
we got the first four tickets ( numbered 001 ~ 004 ) to be issued for the Melksham gig which was cancelled due to Mick's heart attack.


melody.jpg (82229 bytes) From Melody Maker - 10 September 1977 
Dave recently bought a back issue and lo and behold there was this advert of "forthcoming" dates.  We wonder how many the guys can remember !!  
There's certainly some unusual venues - my favourite for sheer novelty value has to be Jenkinsons Bar.  Did you spot the incorrect song title ?
  Broadside Editions 1,2 & 3

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