Ode to The Pirates

True story - I woke for no reason at all and very out of character,  in the very early hours of the morning with this tune running around my head and some lyrics which were virtually as you see here.
Struggling to see through bleary eyes I got up,
banged it out on the keyboard and went back to bed. When I got up for work later this is what I found :

Chorus is sung by the crowd – verses half sung/half spoken, Johnny Cash style. Luckily all played with only a handful of chords ( 'cos that's all I can manage !! )
Ray aka The Big Bloke

The Pirates went rocking down to RCA
They’d got a song in their head they had to play
The man ‘hind the desk said bring it on in
There’s some money in the bank, it’s yours to win 

The man on the mix, he was no git
He said crank up that amp, let’s make it a hit
So John sang out loud, his lungs at full tilt
the boys played their hearts out, never did wilt. 

When the master Mick Green wound up that tele
the Marshalls would bounce – he gave it some welly
Johnny’s bass was relentless, heavy as lead
While Frank’s steady beat went right through your head

Pirates ! we saw yer
always gave your very best

Pirates ! we loved yer
better than all of the rest

8 tracks in the can in less than a day
The man with the cash said “that’s how to play”
You can sign on the line and I’ll give you the money
But Mick shouted back “you trying to be funny ?”

we’re worth more than that, Johnny let rip
and Frank to be fair just bit his lip
don’t tangle with Frank was their best advice
he’ll tear you to bits – and that ain’t nice

so a deal was struck and money changed hands
The Pirates became the king of the bands
The legend goes on – you know it won’t die
Pirates for ever – I hear you cry


Well the fans went mental when the boys took the stage
They clapped and they hollered for more than an age
So Frank thumped a pedal and Mick struck a chord
Johnny joined in while the fans really roared

 They played for an hour, went off for a break
But came on again more music to make
At the end of the night, with our eardrums still ringing
We all went off home but we carried on singing…..

Pirates ! we saw yer 
always gave your very best

Pirates ! we loved yer
We even saw Frank in his vest !