Frank Farley's photos

Frank at home in 2008 viewing The Pirates website whilst wearing his Pirates T-Shirt


here are some gems from Frank's shoe box of memories   (click on photos for larger versions)

l-r   Mick, Frank, Paul and John
taken in 1959
l-r  Mick, Frank and John
taken in 1960 - looks like Christmas time
Frank writes:  The photos were taken in my parents flat in Wimbledon.  The one with the banjo was taken in 1959, note the famous egg stained snare drum. The double bass player is called Paul Clifton, he played Clarinet, but as we needed a bass player he went and bought a d/bass. The photo with electric guitars was taken in same flat 1960.  You'll have to ask Mick / John about the guitars. I think we were called Johnny& the Ramrods then and we sometimes played at Wimbledon Palais supporting the 0scar Rabin Big Band.

John adds:  The photos were taken in Frank's front room in the flats where we all lived.  The guy on the double bass was Paul Clifton, he played with us in the Wayfaring Strangers Skiffle Group before we went rockn'roll.  We think Mick was playing a Guyatone and I was playing an Antoria - whether they still exist or not is unknown. We definitely don't own them now.

Frank Farley's started sorting out his old photos - here's some to go on with...........

 "my own little group that backed CHARLIE GRACIE (NEXT TO ME )" Johnny Spence (spotty shirt), Johnny Kidd (black jacket) and a roadie take on The Crystals