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Monday 11th January 2010
It is with real sadness that we must report the passing of Mick Green earlier today.  To his family, Mick was a Husband, a Father, a Grand-Father and many other things.  To the World of Music he was a guitar magician - hero worshipped by fans right around the globe, emulated by top names in the business, but equalled by none. To his fellow Pirates, John and Frank, he was simply "Mick", a close friend since childhood and someone of shared experiences which most people could only dream of.  To us, Ray & Anita he was a friend who we knew for too few years. He'll be missed by the whole World though the legend will live on.    Thanks for being part of our lives, Mick.    Our thoughts are now with your family.
 Johnny Spence, Frank Farley, Ray & Anita - aka Mr & Mrs Big Bloke - on behalf of all Pirates fans everywhere.


For a great video interview with Mick about his starring role in "Raspberry Ripple"


click on each photo for the clips

"Raspberry Ripple" - Mick stars as ageing ex-rock star Des Gilmour in this 20 minute epic.  It starts with him as a lad collapsing on stage at the Borderline and switches to present day being thrown out of the nursing home. He goes home with his brother - played by Jon McKenna -to be confronted by squatters next door and war breaks out between them !

An oldie from the archives: Mick and Ronnie Wood aka "Ventriloquist and Dummy" - don't ask me which is which !!



Mick & Mark Lamarr at Twickenhams Eel Pie Club in tribute to Ronnie Wood's brother, Art, who died of Prostate Cancer. Copyright OK magazine.

Some time back Mick suffered a heart attack whilst on stage with Bryan Ferry in New Zealand.  Lloyd, Mick's son, flew over there to bring him back after extensive treatment and a long, long stay. This photo shows them outside the hospital on the day he was discharged - also his 60th birthday

Back in 2004 Dave and I recorded an interview with Mick. Click above to read the transcript,