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TimeLine - an alternative overview at Johnny Kidd's life and career in an event-by-event view.
Each section contains live dates, tours, television and radio appearances, recording sessions and record release dates.  It is not possible to include absolutely everything, although suggestions and info/pix are most welcome!
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This is where it all started for Fred Heath . . . .
Formative years of Kidd's Rock 'n' Roll career
Hard work, a recording contracts and chart success
The year the group hit it big with "Shakin' All Over"
Mixed fortunes, a mutiny, then a fresh start
Rock 'n' Roll is dead, long live R 'n' B
A storming return to the charts and a bright future
Another chart decline, searching for a new direction
Re-grouping, re-shaping, strong singles but no chart action
Marriages and splits, plus New Pirates for a new career
End of the story - or is it?  Pirates for a new generation
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