Wadmore-Kidd-Dale, 1960.  Recorded: 05-09-60

Johnny Kidd (vocals) - Alan Caddy (rthm) - Brian Gregg (bass) - Clem Catinni (drums) - Joe Moretti (lead)

Follow-up to "Shakin' All Over".  This adventurously moody track may lack a bit of the punch of its famous predecessor but is still cool and atmospheric.  Like the previous release it features Joe Moretti on lead guitar duties.  An EP was released around the same time which may have cut into sales of this single, the relatively poor sales of which probably led to a decision not to record and release an album, which was a shame as Kidd's potential choice of material would have been very interesting indeed.

E - E - E - E E - E - E - E

(E) You don't know how (E)restless you've made me (E) - (E)
(A)Come on baby, what a (A)fo-ool you've made out of (E)me (B)

(E) Are you still to (E)be my lovin' (E)baby? - (E)
(A) Come and take a chance - I (A) fe-ee-eel ro-(E)-mance (B)

You (A)keep me waitin' for a date and (A)when you do you turn up late
And (E)try to (B)play it (E)cool.
Not (A)cool enough to make it stick, I ((A)knew this was another trick
To (E)keep me waiting, to (B)keep me waiting... (B) - (B)

(Instrumental break)

E - E - E - E
A - A - E - E
B - E - E - B

 - (E)  - (E)  Ooo-oooh (E)baby, you make me so restless
(A) - (A) - (E)
Ohh we-e-ell (E) now, I'm so restless
 - (E)  - (E)  - (E)

(E)Now I'm through with (E)love, maybe (E) - (E)
I'll (A)never find romance, I'll (A-stop) never - ever - take - another - chance (E)
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