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30 tracks, all previously released
Beat Goes On (BGO) - BGOCD580 

Amazing CD set with all available "Saturday Club" recordings from BBC Transcription recordings.

CD 1 - The Memorial Album
Shakin' All Over (Heath) 1960
I Can Tell (Smith-McDaniels) 1962
Linda Lu (Sharpe) 1961
Let's Talk About Us (Blackwell) 1961
Hungry For Love (Mills) 1963
I'll Never Get Over You (Mills) 1963
So What (Crompton-Jones) 1961
Please Don't Bring Me Down (Kidd) 1961
Send For That Girl (v1) (Barter) 1966
Whole Lotta Woman (Rainwater) 1964
Please Don't Touch (Heath-Robinson) 1959
Shop Around (Gordy) 1964
I Want That (Lewis-Weisman) 1962
Doctor Feelgood (Thompson) 1964
Restless (Wadmore-Kidd) 1961
Shakin' All Over 65 (Heath) 1965
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CD 2 - Your Cheatin' Heart

Your Cheatin' Heart (Williams) 1964
Longin' Lips (Heath-Robinson) 1960
You Got What It Takes (Gordy) 1960
Gotta Travel On (Trad, arr. Kidd) 1965
Weep No More My Baby (Arnette, etc.) 1960
Feelin' (Heath) 1959
Jealous Girl (Mills-Weske) 1964
It's Got To Be You (Birch) 1966
The Fool (Ford-Hazelwood) 1966
Don't Make The Same Mistake As I Did (Lynch-Shuman-Westlake) 1965
Big Blon' Baby (Roberts-Jacobson) 1960
Then I Got Everything (Kidd-Green) 1963
A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues (Thompson) 1962
Magic Of Love (Kidd-Dale-Robinson) 1960

"Memorial/Cheatin' Heart" reissue (2003)

This nicely-presented 30-track two-CD compilation from the respected BGO label neatly packages together digitally remastered versions of the two French LP's issued in France during the early 1970's, "The Johnny Kidd Memorial Album" and "Your Cheatin' Heart".  This marks a first-time release in the UK for either of these collections, and indeed anywhere in the world as far as CD goes.  In the absence of anything approaching the "Complete" 2-CD set, compilations like this will do, supplemented by a judicious choice or two of other CD collections currently available.  Even so, the thirty tracks contained herein acts as a comprehensive taster of the band across its seven years in EMI's Abbey Road studios.

Again, as with all CD's issued after the "Complete" CD, the remastered stereo versions are used wherever available.  In a way this is a shame - EMI France had only the original mono masters to master into the "electronic stereo" heard on the original vinyl releases, so it would have been nice to have heard all recordings as nature originally intended - in glorious, powerful mono.  Of course, none of the tracks recorded in 1964 for what turned out to be the abortive album appeared on either of the respective compilations at the time.  Virtually all of the latter have appeared exclusively in stereo since the 1992 "Complete" collection.

Chris Woodford of "Now Dig This" wrote the straightforward sleeve notes, which credit Keith hunt and his marvellous book at the end.  The booklet also contains parts of the original black and white artwork used in both the album's production.  As can be seen from the reproduced covers on the CD front these were colourised for the purpose although I had to wait until I actually obtained a copy of this re-issue before I appreciated the full gore of that beetroot-red cover with the green writing!  Other pictures used are small-scale reproductions of what looks like piccies grabbed off this site....

See "The Johnny Kidd Memorial Album" and "Your Cheatin' Heart" in the LP section for more specific information regarding the respective track listing for each album.


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