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  The Tornados     The only serious challengers to the Shadows merely lasted as long as their console svengali, independent record producer Joe Meek.  By the late 1950's the talented Meek had forced his way onto the music production scene, and was enlisted by the owner of Saga records ..... (More)   Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas     The Dakotas were formed in 1960, the line-up being Mike Maxfield (lead guitar), Robin MacDonald (rhythm guitar), Ray Jones (bass) and Tony Mansfield (drums). Pete MacLaine was the original frontman and the group went down well ..... (More)  
  The Tornados - Discography   Billy J. Kramer - Discography  
  Cuddly Dudley (& The Redcaps)     In the 1950’s, Dudley Heslop was probably the best known black rocker in the 1950’s UK thanks to many TV appearances on the famous "Oh Boy" show.  With ambitions to fame one of the first acts was to drop his surname and label himself “Cuddly Dudley” ..... (More)   The Guess Who     Chad Allen (real name Allan Kobel), Bob Ashley, Jim Kale, Randy Bachman and Garry Peterson came together after two local bands merged in 1962 in Winnipeg, Canada, 1962 and took the name Chad Allen and the Reflections. For the bands' debut the band covered "Tribute To Buddy Holly", originally ..... (More)  
  "Wild" Bill Kennedy     was born in Bluefield, West Virginia in 1940. Growing up there in the 40's and early 50's provided a rich musical background, whether it was local gospel, country,  big bands, the popsters or the R&B sounds coming from WLAC in Nashville...... (More)  

Walter J. Ridley     To fans of classic English rock 'n roll, Walter J. Ridley is best known as the man who brought Johnny Kidd & The Pirates to EMI Records. In his broader career, however, Ridley transformed EMI's HMV label into a major outlet for popular music..... (More)

  Captain Kidd     Of the Sea-Rovers who flew the Jolly Roger at their masthead, made victims walk the plank and buried treasure on lonely tropical islands, Captain Kidd has to be the most colourful and famous of them all. Many legends have grown up about Kidd.... (More)  
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