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  Alan Caddy - lead guitar, 1959-61Alan Caddy - lead guitar, 1959-61 .....was born in Chelsea on February 2, 1940. As a youngster he attended the Emanuel School in Battersea, becoming both head chorister and leader of the school orchestra. As a treble, he regularly sang ..... (More)   Clem Catinni - drums, 1959-61Clem Catinni - drums, 1959-61 one of the busiest drummers in the business. His CV looks like a roster of top UK pop acts from the last half of the twentieth century, acts as diverse as P. J. Proby, Joe Cocker, the Bee Gees, Lou Reed and the Kinks..... (More)  
  Brian Gregg - bass, 1959-61Brian Gregg - bass, 1959-61 .....started off as so many did in the heady rock 'n' roll industry of Britain in the late 1950's. London was the place to be if you wanted to get on, after all the major recording companies were all based there..... (More)  
Mick Green - lead guitar, 1961-64 Johnny Spence - bass, 1961-66 Frank Farley - drums, 1961-66
Mick Green - lead guitar, 1961-64; Johnny Spence - bass, 1961-66; Frank Farley - drums, 1961-66 Their story is interlinked..... (More)
  Vic Cooper - piano/organ, 1964-66Vic Cooper - piano/organ, 1964-66 .....was drafted in in time for the "Lost Album" sessions in April 0f 1964.  He had previously been with the Redcaps backing Cuddly Dudley so was well acquainted with the current crew of Pirates and fitted in easily ..... (More)   John Weider - lead guitar, 1964-65John Weider - lead guitar, 1964-65 .....was born on April 21st, 1947 in Shepherds Bush London, and loved music from a very early age. At the age of seven he started learning the violin at the Royal College of Music and made his first public appearance..... (More)  
  John Moreshead - lead guitar, 1965-66John Moreshead - lead, 1965-66 .....took over from John Weider as lead axeman in the Pirates in September 1965 but does not appear to have been involved on any recording session as these were quite scarce for Johnny Kidd at this time in his career...... (More)  

Nick Simper - bass, 1966-67 ..... (born 3rd November, 1945) was asked if he wanted to join his band the Renegades on the basis that they wanted to use his guitar in the line-up.  They offered him the post of bassman, using a home made bass..... (More)

  Mick Stewart - lead guitar, 1966-67Mick Stewart - lead guitar, 1966-67 .....was recruited into the New Pirates in April 1966, when Nick Simper was tipped off by Kidd's current organist Ray Soaper, who was gigging with Kidd at the time.  Kidd didn't have a regular band after parting company with the Pirates earlier in the year..... (More)      
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