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The legendary Johnny Kidd

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The TimeLine allows a chronologically potted view of Kidd's career with releases, certain gigs, line-up changes, plus new pix.

New to Kidd's music?  Try the sound sample page to hear 30-sec snatches of Kidd trax. 

The Gallery is what it says on the tin.

The Treasure Chest is a repository for all those bits that fit nowhere else, but are too good to throw away.

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With his Pirates, Kidd turned out recordings valued among the best R'n'R/R&B to emerge from the UK. "Please Don't Touch", has been covered many times. Feel the subtle power of "Shakin' All Over" via the opening guitar figure, Kidd's moody vocals and haunting lyrics that really sent "Quivers down the backbone."

After a "mutiny" in the ranks, the new crew's hard grafting paid off and saw the group riding high in the charts once again with the Beat classic "I'll Never Get Over You"; ironically amongst groups of the MerseyBeat boom that Kidd and his Pirates once inspired.

The groups' numerous recordings offer some great cuts, with many gems hidden away on the flipsides of singles.  There was also is a host of tracks that were unreleased in Kidd's lifetime, including those from an 1964 aborted album which show off how powerful the group's sound could be.

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